Peter Bonner Presents Jon Hiseman (27th January 1983) Hastings Shop, Rock Jazz Workshop Diplocks and The Fender Hot Squad. 1983



supplied by Roger Carey

Roger Carey… The Fender Hot Squad was held at Bonners Music Store Silverhill and I won a Fender TShirt for correctly answering a question about Jaco Pastorius.

Chris Meachen… I remember Jon Hiseman juggling drumsticks during his solo on the pier with ‘Tempest’. Found him very impressive…

Roy Penfold… As a teenager, spent far too long in Bonners drooling over the latest kit….

Janine Anne Scott… I knew Peter very well. I’m in contact with one of his sons still, Rick Bonner.

Ann Hohenkerk… It was an amazing shop, and Pete. Garry and Rick used to run a wide variety of workshops… Great times, great fun, and happy memories of working with them!

Mick Burt… I was there

Ernest Ballard… Great hand written poster. Before the printer and certainly before computers arrived

Geoff Peckham… Mick Parker’s still around and active – he tours a lot as Gilbert O’Sullivan’s MD. I play with him occasionally in The Hopdogs ceilidh band and The Lonnigans skiffle band. Great musician and lovely bloke.

Terry Pack… Rob Burns lives in New Zealand now. He is a University Professor, and has just finished writing a book about Progressive Rock (to which I made a small contribution).

Dave Weeks… Alan Murphy. Go West, mike and the mechanics? Died too young I believe.

Phil Little… SFX were a really good band. Used to see them at The Cricketers – Oval.

Paul Watson… I remember seeing Alan Murphy with the Hot Squad at a Bonners event in Diplocks, probably the same time. Great guitarist, left too soon.

Geoff Peckham… Mick Parker’s alive and well and living in West Sussex. I play with him occasionally. Lovely chap, great musician and is currently Gilbert O’Sullivan’s MD.

Peter Bonner Musical – Sedlescombe Road North Silverhill – early 80’s

Nastassja Kaschevsky… Bought my drumkit from there, and was still using it up to 2012!

Roy Penfold… I used to spend (far too) many hours in there dreaming – sadly my aspirations were not equalled by my income….sigh!

Sam Rosewell… I used to buy sheet music there

Joe Knight… Get back on it 😆you were great

Colin Fox… Bought my Yamaha SG2000 their when Eddie Sargent worked there.

Rick Bonner… Wow……great memory

Steve Thorpe…. Drums!

Ann Hohenkerk… Loved working there! I ran the Yamaha Music school in the evenings and worked in the shop during the day. Happy memories!

Chris Giles… I got my guitar from there …in 1973 still got it too..

Gez Donnelly… I got my first decent guitar from there. Used to rehearse upstairs.

Hastings Jazz Festival October, year?

Mike Vawdrey… The only years which work in terms of when October 11 fell on a Friday would be 1985 and 1991. However you made an earlier posting on the 1985 event which definitely rules that out. Tenor sax man Eddie Miller died in April, 1991 which makes it most improbable that he would be billed as a participant 6 months later unless this was a very early piece of pre-publicity ? Food for thought.

Alan Esdaile… Thanks Mike, appreciated. If we went the other way could be 1974?