who remembers organist Tina Johnson 1974

John Gale… Omg. Alan. !!!! That’s Tina that dad played with. Since he died we’ve all been trying to remember her surname. Brilliant She’s was a good keyboard player I think I have a photo with dad somewhere from the Railway club Thank you

Tony Davis… Tina and her Paradise Islanders. She tried to teach me to play guitar but my heart wasn’t in it. Wish I’d persevered

Andy James Long… you should definitely have persevered, it’s never too late to Tony!

Pauline Richards… She played at my parents 25th anniversary with John Gales dad on drums. I think she lived on Parker Road

John Gale… Hi Pauline, I don’t surpose you have any photos of the anniversary do you?? My mum and myself are always trying to find a photo of Tina playing with dad as we only have one 😪. I use to go along and watch them quite alot myself, back in the day. I thought my Dad was the world’s greatest drummer 😂😂as you do, when you’re 10 years old

Shiela Maile… Yes in the Chatsworth

Janine Hemsley… She taught me guitar

John Gale… We are  after a photo of my dad with her as we haven’t hardly any… 😥. Mum just mentioned, Tina’s first husband was also called Tony and was a drummer… She later went on to marry Ken Baker. Just a bit of useless info there..

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