Sainsbury’s Cambridge Road Hastings August 1974

James Read… Got a lot of memories from working there over a four year period 80 – 84.

Jonathan Rudd… Ben, too

Sheila Maile… Used it all the time when we lived in town till it closed

John Gale… Started shopping there regularly in 1987 and still shop with them regularly now… Home delivery once a week, very reliable

Andy Coleman… I remember the old one, I think Nationwide is there now, used to go with my Gran to help her with the shopping. Individual counters where you asked for what you wanted and given it in bags.

Nadia Compagnone… I remember all the staff being dressed in very clean white overalls and everything being behind glass counters. No helping yourself off shelves.

Angela Frances Gardner… This makes me feel sad as I went to meet my mother there on December 7th 1983 not knowing that she had died the evening before , I found out an hour after I had gone to meet her.

Gill Harrod… Look at those opening hours – closed Sunday AND Mondays! And special late night shopping to 8pm Thursday and Friday! When people who worked in retail could have a life!

Ian Johnson… Should bring back the opening hours for the staff

Cris Kennard… I worked in Sainsbury’s Cambridge Rd prior to its opening in the 70’s to the public we had a tour of the building and basement areas. After opening we could buy any out of date food for a pittance as long as some cash went through the tills at end of shift.

Lorna Brazier… I used to work there back in 82.

Dawn… My mum used to be a Tesco fan but when Sainsburys opened she was drawn there instead, especially as the bus stop was right outside!

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