Fractional H.P. Motors Ltd The Ridge Hastings – advert 1970’s

Nadia Compagnone… You so wouldn’t get away with that now! Amazing advert.

Mike Cramp… Youre so right. No-one would use inverted commas around the phrase ‘our goods’ these days.

James Turner… I worked in the paint shop in the 70’s

John Gale… James, was you there when it caught fire must have been about 1978? Maybe earlier?

Sheila Maile… I worked on Armature winding for 9 months in 1972.

Nicola Dobson… I used to be Telephonist /Receptionist there

Julie Findlay-Jones… My daddy worked there for many years till he retired.

Christine Swain… I worked there Fantastic . Friends made for life from 1968 .It was a great place to work

Judy Atkinson… I worked for the sales manager there 1978/9 at the Castleham site

John Gale… My dad worked there for a bit. We both worked at the other factory on Castleham too. I worked there during my summer holidays 1977, in the Fettling room and the Foundry. I remember being there the day Elvis died.

Liz King… I worked there in the seventies doing the wages with lovely Ethnie (sorry wrong spelling) and lovely Melanie.


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