Tony May DJ – Speakeasy Club Kings Road 1982


Tony May….While we are on the subject of D.J’s in situ, here’s a pic of me D.J’ing at ‘Speakeasy’ along Kings Rd from around 1982. How things have changed these days! No, mics for D.J’s, no record decks – no records!


Pete Fairless….The DJ played a lot of ABC and Spandau Ballet, as I recall

Tony Court-holmes….i remember humping gear up into some strange places you had gigs



all photos supplied by Tony May

Advert 1981

Tony May…..Yes, wonderful days – I was busy busy busy then most of it concerning a search for RECORDS – HA HA.

Matt Thomas…..HAIR!!!!!!!! LOL

Leigh Wieland-Boys…..we always used to wait for the first person to get up on the dance floor… that was you, was it?! Unfortunately I can’t seem to enlarge this photo so can’t see them very well. I worked various pubs & clubs, glass collector at Aquarius 1971-1972 – Cocktail waitress at Saturdays 1975-1976, Cinque Ports 1976-1979, also Scallis during that time (as well as a full time job)

Tony May…..Thanks guys! Yes, Leigh – I was always one of the first to ‘get on up and get down’ HA HA

Pete Fairless…..It was a great little club, spent quite a bit of time there, early ’80s…

Paul Bryant… I particularly liked the cinema section they had there,always showing a dodgy horror movie. Sure it was Colin Russell djing down there but my memory isn’t as good as it used to be,plus it was a long time ago

Jeff Belton… Reminds me when I did my second disco. In a place called Marlow House, Sidcup, Kent. Had their own set up, two decks, and a lighting control. All I had to take was my records , headphones, mic. This was in the late 1983.
Notice the pop group on the poster, The Thompson Twins or is it Imagination ?
After 1983 I carried on doing discos for 21 years , 2004. Those were the days lol.

Pete Fairless… That’s Imagination, Jeff

Paul Bryant… Sorry it’s actually Shalimar.

Terry Hardwick… I was the DJ Speakeasy Colin Russell worked with me . This is where I met Tony.

Tony Court-holmes… was big willie the bouncer there

The Wishing Tree Wishing Tree Road St Leonards 1974

Ralph Town… Used to run down there, Friday lunch time, wage packet in hand for beer and chicken and chips….in a basket!

Peter Fairless… Beer in a basket never caught on, Ralph?

Roger Collier… Another pub gone. Houses now.

Mike Waghorne… We used to go in there on a Friday lunch time when working on Tile Kiln estate when it was being built around 75 ! I

Marty Reardon… Went on a trip to Belgium for a Beer Fest, with the guys from the Wishing Tree Pub, in 1972. A great weekend. We were from Australia and living in Hollington at the time and the Wishing Tree was our local. Great times.

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