The Crypt – March 1989’s Stuff


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Martin Richter… I drew that poster – btw – I failed o-level art (inspired by the zap clubs posters of the same time). parallel – Jez Gillett? bewildered – paul Thomas (tom e flamingo) and dave blackman) , roadhouse – nigel millichamp, gambeau and dave Bartlett….? bookings by jozef rytlewski -this is when graham jones was manager.

Karen Sweatman… I Like Danny’s Hair were fantastic. I can remember their classic ‘Fatso Fatso, Let’s Break For Lunch’

Martin Richter… were they the Eastbourne band Karen?

Kev Towner… Anyone remember Rockbitch?

Karen Sweatman … I had forgotten just how bonkers they were! Rick, the singer used to have a trick of smashing a beer glass on his forehead. It went horribly wrong one night and he did a whole set with blood pouring down his face. Also remember the audience playing a game of football during one of their gigs. Do you remember Rik Goodman?

Kev Towner… I used to work on Turn It Up Redstar. I’ve still got a newspaper cutting from one of the broadsheets when they did a big piece on the show. I think there’s me, Duncan and some others in it – including some pics of a studio interview with (I think) The Long Tall Texans.

Martin Richter… I`m a long tall Texan – I drive a big white car ! Lovely geezers – their hastings experiences didn`t do them credit.

Paul Dengate… Re The Battle Of The Bands (8th March), that was probably the year that Better Days won it.

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