Cliff Richard & The Shadows – ABC Cinema Hastings – 27th March 1963



supplied by Andre Martin Collection

280613 046

 supplied by….Andre Palfrey-Martin Collection

cliff 1962


supplied by Tony Davis – gig list including Hastings inside the cd.

Phil Gill….I was there, aged 6. It was the most awesome thing I’d ever seen. Better even than when my dad’s shotgun exploded and knocked him flat on his back, which was the most awesome thing I’d seen up to then. Eight weeks short of my seventh birthday then. Used to have my copy of the programme, not sure if I do now though.

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Trolley bus outside White Rock Baths supplied by Ted Cogger

Supplied by Ted Cogger

Ted Cogger… At the end of Robertson Street out side white rock baths Hastings

Martin Richter… all the way to Cooden!

Peter Houghton… Thank you for sharing this!

Allan Mitchell… Awesome‼️ Picture.

Anne Murray… What year was this?

Alan Esdaile… Not sure Anne, could be early sixties? Anyone know.

Paul Sleet… Strange isn’t it, that we had electric buses all those years ago, and we changed to diesel. Now we are going backwards.

Tim Harris… Points to those who know the song where the lyrics come from Their Mums and Dads smoke Capstan non filters Wallpaper lives cause they all die of cancer.

Pauline Sims… Great picture

David Wilkinson… Original Omnibus Company model 40102

David Wilkinson… There’s a Hastings trolley bus preserved at East Anglia Transport Museum in Lowestoft.

Carol Acott… Waited there for a bus a few times back in the day

Clare Bennett… I saw 👀 plenty of those in Hastings


Stylus Record Shop – Castle Street Hastings 1973


Outside Stylus Record Shop, boss ‘Bob McKenzie’, ‘Leif Ohlin’ and Alan Esdaile. Poster on the door for the Steamhammer gig and Gary Glitter’s taking over the other window!

stylus record bag

lp record bag supplied by Nigel Ford

supplied by Linda Boiling

Tony May.…Oh wow! What a find this is! Way before my time working there but brilliant to see a pic of Bob and amazing also to note the GG displays in the other window. I used to have to do the displays myself (best I could) towards the end of my stint at the shop because we weren’t able to buy big enough quantities of the top new releases from the record companies to qualify for a visit from their display teams.

Peter Howard… Is that you with the kipper tie Alan?

Alan Esdaile… Yes but can’t understand why I’m wearing a tie?

Peter Howard… Pretty groovy look 🙂

Mick Mepham… Nice poster for Steamhammer supported by Crimson Earth on the left side of the door Alan.

Kevin Burchett… Bob Mackenzie used to organise the E.F student discos in Scalliwags in the 70s nice bloke. Am I right Alan?

Alan Esdaile… Yes he did Kevin, probably with Bill Loveland from E.F.

Jonathan Nurse… Brilliant snap

Kevin Burchett… remember Bill Loveland to

Darren Johnson… Great picture. I’m actually trying to think if I actually went into the shop now. I came to Coombe Haven holiday camp in 1982 with the family and I remember coming into Hastings and buying a new copy of Slade’s Old New Borrowed and Blue from a record shop – it was actually quite hard to get hold of at the time and I could never finda copy for sale back home.


Broken Wheel Discotheque with Spangles Muldoon 27th March 1970.



photo source Muldoon in the Radio Northsea International studio in 1970. Photo from the ‘RNI-book’ published by Hit-Publications, Switzerland.

Nick Prince… Spangles Muldoon also had a very short period on Radio Luxembourg. Still didn’t we all. Lol. Chris Carey also worked on Radio North Sea International and Radio Nova. He died in 2008 following two massive strokes.

Mick O’Dowd… Wasn’t he a Caroline DJ? I think Andre might have info on that.

Andre Martin… Hi I promoted this at the Regent Hotel, we renamed this the Broken Wheel for a short while and Spangles who was real name Chris Carey, living in Cambridge at the time. Paul was also involved in this project. the advert is for the first night, I have to say that it did not pull too many punters. Another little piece of the Past. Mick – your quite right, we also did a couple of gigs for us at Bluies-Canterbury around the same time as this. He was ex Radio Caroline South.He ended up working for commercial radio in Ireland.


Stray and Factory and Tony Kane Disco – Hastings Pier 25th March 1972



poster supplied by Mick Mepham, ad supplied by Sarah Harvey



Andy Qunta….Stray were great! Bought their 1st 2 albums! Fave songs – All In Your Mind & Jericho.

Leigh Wieland-Boys….The gig was a bit expensive though, wasn’t it Andy?! And I bet the albums set you back about £1.25 each….those were the days of affordable music – live & on vinyl – aTime Machine for Christmas please

Andy Qunta….Yes, outrageous prices back then, Leigh! LOL! Love your Time Machine comment too – that would be nice!

David Miller…  still have that 1st album and the tinnitus I got from sitting too near the exploding dustbin when it went off….and the great loud music too. Now it is all in my mind for the duration…..

Chris Meachen… Excellent band, Stray.. Still have my copy of ‘Saturday morning pictures’…

Andy Qunta… Thanks again to Mick Mepham for posting the poster! I don’t have any of those things from that time, so it’s nice to see them!

Gill Harrod… Stray! I remember they were really good!

Dave Nattress… Stray…seriously good. Saturday Morning Pictures – got it on vinyl. “After the Rain” – pure Stray at their best. Lost the other vinyls but have a couple of 2 CD compilations – been looking out for the original vinyls in second hand record shops or CD versions. Saw them at the pier at least twice, seems like more – I think they played a few times more than just twice, and their shows featured strobe lighting which really added to the performance. Oh, yeah, and great memories dragged up of all those old bands whose gigs featured on the posters on the Time Machine clip.

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