Ultimate Alternative 2009 supplied by Andy Gunton

Supplied by Andy Gunton

Andy Gunton… Bloody hell, these take me back! Both issues were commemorating the sad loss of valued members of the local music community, who are still very much missed today. Dave Blackman & John Shotton 😢 The Ultimate Alternative is also still missed by many. Found them while searching for something else.

Mike Mitchell… Ah good old Dave Blackman. Mandy and I were just reminiscing about a trip with him to Rotterdam to see David Bowie on the Let’s Dance Tour back in ’83. A three day trip but only one night in a hotel, the rest on a coach listening to nothing but Bowie! Good times

Jo Avery… Andy, loved the Ultimate Guide. We used to plan our social life around this on a monthly basis!

Andy Gunton… Jo, I think many did exactly the same thing. It was indispensable at the time

Graham Belchamber… It was a great publication. Helped me choose to see do many bands and visit various drinking establishments when I first moved to Hastings

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