The White Rock Theatre vs The De La Warr Pavilion

Mick O’Dowd… Took a trip to sunny Bexhill today as it’s cheaper (very much) to park than in Hastings. (5p for 15 mins minimum!). had a hot X bun and coffee in a little tea shop and then went over the road to the De La Warr Pavilion. Looking at the forthcoming events I was amazed at the big names that regularly popped up. Now my question is. Why can’t the White Rock attract these type of acts? As far as i’m concerned White Rock is the better auditorium. Bexhill used to be a graveyard for name acts etc. Now look! What’s going on?

Paul Phillips… 100% agree. Just been sent White Rock brochure for this year…all tribute bands…De la Warr has much better

Virginia Davis… Totally agree. We struggle to find anything decent at the White Rock.

Emma Rix… I know it’s been years since they had any big acts

Sam Rosewell… Primal Scream are playing there next month – that’s pretty big

David Edwards… DWP get great acts and names Whiterock Pavillion just lookalikes and sound alikies.

Peter Fairless… All down to how it’s subsidised and booked

Mike Curtis… Seating at White Rock so uncomfortable and cramped.

Mark Randall… Sparks! For me tomorrow night

Sandie Carlyon… I do go to the De La Warr often. Been once this year and more booked. White Rock has really uncomfortable seats. I do like to see Think Floyd at White Rock. Too many tribute bands. De La Warr has amazing artists.

Peter Thomson… No longer local so view from afar with envy. Even in a smallish city we don’t get anything of the calibre that Bexhill enjoys these days. Definitely a management question for Hastings. On the covers debate, most people start out doing covers and, without people willing to do them to a reasonable standard, there will come a time when nobody gets to hear great music live eg Beatles or Beethoven.

John Gale… Saw Robert Plant at the dlwp last week playing with Saving Grace. It was fantastic. . I would go to the dlwp half a dozen times a year,,, the White Rock is nothing compared to the dlwp , the seats at the dlwp are comfy, well ventilated area(important atm) and excellent staff…. The last time I went to the White Rock it was like an oven, cramped seating

John Mcewen… De La Warr has been booking top names for years! White Rock is a complete waste of a good venue.

Judy Atkinson… Justin Hayward is at the White Rock in September, saw him a couple of years ago at DLWP, he was fabulous

Richard J Porter… We have seen Duane Eddy twice at the De La Warr. Other big names too. Duane Eddy said the acoustics were better than The South Bank.

Paul Huggett… They have someone with great contacts on the team at DLWP I believe… And maybe a larger capacity. Really do get some good stuff there as you say, can’t afford to see all those I’d like to!

Jackie Hutt… I’m not sure if it makes any difference, or if the councils have anything to do with funding…but De la Warr comes under Rother District as opposed to White Rock under Hastings Borough?

Mark Rodrigues… Agree, though Primal Scream coming to Hastings on 27th May.

Jane Freund… The De La Warr has worked very hard to raise its profile since it re-opened in 2005. They deserve their success. WRT is appealing to the lowest common denominator – mostly tribute bands and panto. I doubt it would survive without the massive amount of funding given by HBC. Which is a mystery when there is a really good venue in the town (SMIC) which does not get that support.

Matthew Bryant… White Rock definitely isn’t a better auditorium! Uncomfortable seats, can be really hot and stuffy, poor acoustics compared to the De La Warr Pavilion. And the De La Warr is a much more attractive building with a car park plus great sea views from the cafe balcony or the roof terrace.


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