Barclay James Harvest and Rare Bird. Hastings Pier 22nd June 1974

Nick Webb… I was there again lol

Andy Qunta… Pretty sure I was there for this. Both good bands!

Martyn Baker… you were mate. I remember seeing you in the bar at half-time!

Ian Watling… That was a great night

Peter McLoughlin… Saw Bjh at the pier a couple of years earlier with about 50 other people!!

Anne Murray… Yep, I was at BJH

Catherine Ireland… The guy at the back right of picture looks like Chris Cozens, but I don’t think Chris was born then

Chris Meachen… Bloody excellent night, two brilliant bands.. still have the autographed BJH album..

Roger Dando… Classic band I never managed to see live . . 😕

Mick O’Dowd… When I worked with them on a Martin-Casson gig on the Pier, I did not like rock music much. I introduced the band and went off stage but was waylaid by someone and we talked for a while. When I emerged to cross the dance floor to escape, I was half-way across and they were playing “Mockingbird”. Woah! I liked the sound of this! Stayed and watched the rest of their set. Made me realise that I had a bad case of tunnel vision and from that day have taken all music and given everything at least one listen before rejecting them as c**p! Wise decision as i’ve discovered a lot of bands/artists that I once wouldn’t have given the time of day to. Thank BJH!

Pete Houghton… Hi Mick yes Mockingbird is still one of favourite songs

Andy Davies… I was there too. Can’t have heard anything of their’s since ‘76! Are they worth revisiting?

Alan Esdaile… Andy, Yes definitely.

Pete Houghton… I was there a what great night Both Band’s signed there Autographs for me

Deb Hoad.. Love their music

Carol Cooksey… Love the music of B J H saw them lots of times

Terry Pack… I was at this one. Walked home to Bexhill afterwards as usual. The last train was at 22.37 and I nearly always missed it. I think the last bus was probably at about 7.00pm!! Beer was so cheap in 1974 that I couldn’t spend the £1 I had in my pocket at the start of the evening!

Mike Curtis… I remember going to “Beat Raves” at DLWP in the late 60s. Beer was 2/6 a pint – I used to spend my £1 and have difficulty walking home.

Iain Cobby… Long Live the BJH mellotron, king of orchestral sounds!


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