The Queen outside The Town Hall Hastings 6th June 1997

photo supplied by Cheryl Pyatt

video by Steve & Andrew Clifton

Andrew Clifton… Thank you very much. Alan

John Gale… SupaSnap

Peter Fairless… Did they let her in?

John Gale… I bet she didn’t get bubblegum stuck on her shoe

Tim Harris… Photo by Supersnaps She can collect her photos the next day

Mark Rodrigues… Tim, and stop off at MVC on the way. Or Our Price

Graham Sherrington… GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!!!!!!

Dennis Torrance… God bless Her

Margaret Trowell… I remember seeing her in the Old Town, great Hastings turn out

Neil Cartwright… I took a load of photos of her when I worked at Hastings College – but I’ve lost them all. Does anyone have any photos of her visiting the college? I shared an office with Gary Farmer, and we were tasked with choosing the wine for her. So, for a few weeks beforehand, we had Friday afternoons off to visit local vineyards. (Nice work if you can get it!)

Oonagh Hague… Neil, I do will look them out I got my mum and my late husband in as hairdressing models so they could be there when she came in, threw a sickie from the job he was doing and then later on there he was having his hair done on local news very funny remember the day well



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