Who remembers J S Beeching Ltd and typewriters?

Fiona Evans… I do ! I think his daughter went to my old school,St Mary’s School,Baldslow.

Steve Fox… A seven day approval period? Who would have the balls to offer that nowadays?

Alan King… t’s OK the Money Shop and Cash Converters have both closed down

Jim Breeds… I still have my typewriter that I bought there. It struggles with emails these days though.

who remembers having a bullworker?

Jeff Belton… I used to have the same one of these, had it for a Christmas gift from my dad. Exactly the same, even the box it came in.

Keith Blizard… Still got mine, but sadly not the body i once had !

Leigh Michael… My Dad had one!

Chris Baker… Of course I never had one!

Graham McCallum… Yes

Ian Brown… I couldn’t get it out of the box

Dave Nattress… I bought one. God knows why not sure how old I was. Maybe 15/16.  Not sure I got any more from it than a load of aches and pains. What a poser I must have been!!

Alan Pepper… I did have some chest expanders. But no hairs to get caught on !

Lyn Humphrey… Still got mine–haven’t learnt yet how to do any posing though, Dave!

Steve Hamilton… I remember one in the corner of the room for years.

Adrian Purser… I remember not having one

Hot Chocolate – Aquarius Club Hastings 28th April 1973

28th april 1973 - hot chocolate

hot choc brother

Mick O’Dowd… Good little band. Saw them several times including this one.

Tony Davis… I was the house DJ at the Aquarius on this gig. I remember that the band went on first without Errol who was standing in the wings talking to me. We both noticed that he had missed his cue but he wasn’t bothered commenting they would get back to it in a minute. Nice guy and a good night.

Barry French… Does anyone else recall seeing Hot Chocolate on the Pier in the 70’s or did I dream it?

Alan Esdaile… Yes Barry, July 1975, great night remember it well as I did the disco.

10246537_447963015349161_5648966544186839541_n supplied by Sarah Harvey

Mick O’Dowd… Osibisa were one of the most exciting concerts i’ve worked on. They were absolutely electric. Trouble was they couldn’t transfer this exictement to disc. Great band though.

Leigh Wieland-Boys… I was there at Hot Chocolate that night!

Tony Court-holmes… i think i was there