The Jukes – Prom In Aid Queens Hotel 31st May 1986




photos by Neil Cartwright.

THE JUKES – Andy Knight, Andy B, and Phil Gill.

Here’s Ken Dengate modelling the t shirt….


ken tshirt

Phil Gill… I still have that T shirt in my drawer. The mullet is long gone, thankfully…

Mick Mepham… I still have mine too Phil but it doesn’t fit any more!!! I’m just a victim of inflation

Joe Knight… Wow Andy Knight (top photo)

Ritz – Black Horse Music Festival – 26th to 29th May 1995




photos & poster supplied by Pete Prescott

RITZ, with John Laidlaw, Neil Cartwright, Martin Stringer,  Andy Knight(Drums) &  Paul Dengate.

John Laidlaw….Eeek!

Paul Dengate… Just thinking, Neil and Andy and I played with two bands that weekend – Chaser and Ritz. Then realised that Garry Blakeley probably played with nearly everyone on the Saturday!

John Beeching… I don’t think he left the stage all day, should have been sponsored for the marathon.

Gilly Johnson… What a great festival it was!

Witch Doctor Club inspired shirt

supplied by Lloyd Johnson

Lloyd Johnson… This is a shirt I designed back in the 80s.The inspiration was The Witchdoctor Clubs Logo used on the Promo Poster for the gigs….

Pauline Hillier… That’s gorgeous Lloyd !!

Tony Powell…

Colin Bell… That’s very cool Lloyd

John Kingdon… As ever, another one of Lloyds wonderful creations.

Mick O’Dowd… That emblem brings back some sad memories. When I lived at home I thought it would be a good idea to recreate this on my bedroom wall! Armed with gloss paint and brush I created what I thought was the best picture that I had ever done, being no artist! Chuffed with myself at such a brilliant portrait . My Dad discovered it a few days later, probably tipped off by my Mum, and he went beserk. I threatened to leave home etc. The sort of things you do when you are a spotty teenager that knows it all. He told me to get rid of it. A few days later he had a heart attack was was taken to hospital! Talk about a guilt trip! I covered the offending pic and wall with polystyrene ceiling tiles to hide it. When I went to see my Dad in hospital and I told him what i’d done he seemed to calm down from his previous reactions. Whether this was due to the medication he was on or what I don’t know. When he came home and saw it first hand he was ok. That image was bad news for me so beware of images that may have a hidden meaning. I was a regular at The Witch Doctor even before I was the required age for membership and still have my membership card with false age on it!

John Wilde… That’s classic Lloyd.



Johnny Mars, Harry R & The Jump Jets with Samantha Fox

img507supplied by Pete Prescott

The infamous photo of Johnny Mars Harry R & The Jump Jets with Sam Fox, ends up in a German magazine.

img508supplied by Pete Prescott

Pete Prescott signed photo and an early collection.

Peter Shaw…..As the German caption stated…Pete as a backing singer for Sam Fox stating she was “first class” on this her first live gig..! Why do I know? I was there too!!

Phil Gill….Well at least my leg is in the picture behind Johnny….

Terry Pack…..I was hiding behind Johnny for most of this gig.

David Easton….Yes I remember it well.Got the T shirt.

Pete Prescott….somewhere in the article Sam is called “the big titted one” Colin fox was having his photo taken with Sam and looked as if he was going to make a lunge at them.her security men moved in.he decided against it ! she seemed to be a nice person.i thought she sang well.p.j .proby was in the audience.strange looking guy in a red top and fly fishing hat.Keith Harris was there.drunk swearing and a total pain in the ass ! good night ! when she signed her photo for me i asked if she could write ” to Pete.thanks for backing me !” she smiled and said “no”

Phil Thornton…..yes very nice girl – I did a session for her with Ray Fenwick producing – I didn’t know who she was at the time …….. but it was kind of obvious that she would get noticed !!