Electric Light Orchestra – Hastings Pier 27th April 1973

elo 27th april 1973

27th Arpil 1973 ELO


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Alan Esdaile…..I did the disco for this. They had so much gear that I ended up doing the disco from the balcony and before anyone says it my stage gear at that time was make up, blonde wig and black cloak!

Andre Martin….Memories of that night, must have been another that Paul and I spent in the Balcony with the best views. Have a vague recollection that Shirley on form as well that night !!

Mick O’Dowd….Nice one Sarah! Great band!

Chris Sambrook….Sarah or Alan you might be able to correct me but I have a feeling that Darryl Way’s Wolf supported. The drummer at the time Ian Mosely, much later joined Marillion.

John Austin… Did Electric Light Orchestra ever play at the White Rock Theatre ?

Alan Esdaile…  I think a ELO2 played the White Rock in recent years (anyone confirm?) and ELO tribute bands but not Jeff Lynne.

Chris Giles… Only remember them playing on the pier. Good concert.

Mick O’Dowd…Yes  ELO II did play the White Rock. I was there and I think i’ve still got the programme.

Jeff Chuzz Balcombe… yeah I remember them on the pier.

Jon McCallion… Got Out Of The Blue vinyl, full volume.

Dennis Torrance… God I missed it was 19 can’t think why I missed it kicking a football a lot then.

Clive Garrard…  I remember buying the single Showdown

Peter Thomson… Fabulous night. Apart from the concert, I still have it in my head that this was the night that the Albert Memorial was alleged to have “burnt down”. Yet I and others were in the town centre after this gig and witnessed no inkling of a fire or anything unusual, only to read of the event afterwards. Like others my age, I can’t remember why I went into the kitchen these days but this stays with me. Can anyone corroborate?

Andy Maby… One of my first live bands, but in 1978 and at Wembley! Loved ’em!! They rose up out of a ‘hamburger’ (spaceship), with green lazers flashing up to the ceiling and back walls! First time I’d seen lazers too! An amazing sight!!

Martin Richter… oh yes – out of the blue tour ? the Empire Pool ? I seem to remember 2 spaceships on wires came down at the end ? mr blue sky was in the charts at the time

Gerry Fortsch… My wife at the time fell asleep and missed the guitar cock up at the beginning of roll over Beethoven, I think he may off improved since then.

Roy Penfold… The Albert Memorial suffered the first arson attack the night after on the 28th of April, then a subsequent one on the 18th of June

Tony Court-holmes… missed it

Alan Esdaile… Remember doing the disco for this. ELO had so much equipment that I set up in the balcony at the back. Complete with blonde wig and black cloak!!! Pity no photos, or maybe just as well!

JS Bythesea… I might have been there but I used to spend a lot of time in the early 70s sitting and crying on the counter in the ladies’ toilets for some reason or other, so I can’t say for sure.  Whatever it was, I’ve got over it now.

Christine Giles… JS, hose ladies toilets were a nightmare so crowded out ..girls fighting or crying …I didn’t really enjoy having to go in there at all

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  1. Sarah or Alan you might be able to correct me but I have a feeling that Darryl Way’s Wolf supported. The drummer at the time Ian Mosely, much later joined Marillion.


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