Who remembers The Prisoner tv series?

the prisioner

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Andy Qunta… My favourite TV show of all time!

Colin Norton… Yep, one of mine too!

Will Cornell… Supposedly the longest theme song in TV history….and this episode (tied with “Many Happy Returns”) I thought was the best.

Alan Esdaile… Was it popular in America Will?

Will Cornell… it was a substitute series one summer, I think in ’66. TV shows that didn’t do reruns during the summer from May to Sept would fill in with British series or short run type shows. Sometimes they hit a home run, like this one. And it was revived over and over again for years and rerun on PBS, so it developed quite a cult, kinda like Dr. Who has now. There was a Brit comedy one summer my family loved called “Dr in the House” but no one else remembers it. Some of the substitute series produced in the US were memorable too, esp music or variety shows….the Everly Bros substituted for Johnny Cash’s show one summer and it was awesome…might be on DVD or YouTube here and there. They opened each episode with “Bowling Green”–a vastly underrated Everly tune. But…you’ll find a lot of boomer aged folks here in the US that were deeply affected by “The Prisoner”. If they forced every school in the country to require students view and discuss this, it might counter all the left wing indoctrination that’s going on now. If any liked this series as much as me and “got” the critique of top down socialism, check out the Japanese film “Woman in the Dunes” too, very similar message.

Robert Searle… Much better in Danger Man

Liane Carroll… “Be seeing you”!!

Pete Prescott… I remember it well. I used to watch it every week with my mother and brother. Fascinated and confused ! But we like millions of others kept at it !

Will Cornell…  Best condemnation of socialism ever–and I’m including books by Hayek, Ayn Rand, and more. It may not have intended that…but so be it. I am not a number I am a free man!

Joe Knight… I’m not a number 😂😂

Clifford Rose… It’s being repeated on the True Entertainment channel most evenings.

Dave Valentine… Greatest British TV show ever made.

Jan Warren… Yes, loved Patrick Mcgoohan and as Clifford said it’s shown most week nights at 10pm on True Entertainment, freeview channel 61.

Angela Frances Gardner… ‘I’m not a number, I am a free man.’ Watch out or the big white balloon will catch you!

John Coleman… Oh dear…

Richard J Porter… Still on every day now.

Rex Thinderbolt… Loved this show

Gary Lancaster…  …and Festival Number Six which is hosted at Portmeirion is fantastic.

Ralph Town… Just got the blu ray boxse 

Jim Hobbs… I am not a number, I am a free man (within known limits of course).

Will Cornell… The “white balloon”….name anyone? Rover! And by the way, in “The Chimes of Big Ben”, how long did #6 and the Russian chick have to “hold it in” and when they opened up in “London” why didn’t they ask to use the bathroom immediately?

Nick Shute… Love the Simpson’s spoof when Homer bursts Rover…cut to central control conversation “who’d have thought a big balloon would stop anyone escaping?”….. “Shut up! That’s why!”

Christopher Perry… Nick, yeah the Simpsons one was a good one, very funny, the Simpsons being gassed all the time

Sandie Carlyon… I’ve been to Portmeirion. It’s a fantastic place. Just as it was in the programme. They have a Prisoner event each year with many people coming and dressing up. Well worth a visit

Tim Moose Bruce… No 21 has escaped. ( Renault 21 advert.)

Mike Guy… Fabulous place, we stayed for two nights, it’s brilliant when the daytrippers leave & you have the village more or less to yourself.

Mick O’Dowd… I’m no: six & three quarters!



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