Principal Edwards Magic Theatre – Hastings Pier 4th May 1974.


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autographs from Mick Mepham. photo source

Alan Esdaile… Remember doing the disco for this and the band were really good.

Richard Jones… Belinda Bourquin and I remember the gig well. We had to unload the equipment at one end of the pier and transport it on trolleys to the venue. The gig itself went very well but we had an almighty row with the promoter at the end of it. It was very soon after the introduction of VAT, and we had been advised to ask for it on top of the gig fee. The promoter (naturally enough) refused to pay it.

Wesley Magoogan… Principle Edwards Magic Theatre Show, I was there and they used what at the time appeared to be a huge PA system with I think the words WEM Reading Stack on the speaker cab.

Alan Esdaile… oh dear what a state! photo from the Principle Edwards gig. by Chris Meachen

Colin Bell… Love it mate, what were we thinking back then?!


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