Climax Blues Band plus Joe’s Blooze Band – Hastings Pier 9th May 1998 – poster & review

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photos by John Kenward supplied by Hastings Music Files – Phil Little

David Evans… Looks like the photographer tried to get the whole band in the photo but couldn’t get it right.

Alan Esdaile… Nice one David.

Colin Fox… Johnny Sax live just up the road from me here in Spain. He used to play with Climax Blues Band. Very popular in the clubs and bars.


photo Colin Fox

Ken Russell… Great band.

Dennis Waterman R.I.P.

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John Gale… Up The Junction

Lyn Farkley Appleyard… Rip Dennis. Will always be remembered

Marilyn Spence… So sad to hear loved Dennis. Saw him in a play here in Australia a while back and met John Thaw here in Australia as well Loved him too. Sheila Hancock was friends with a friend of mine at the time. A sad day all round was Mother’s Day in Australia Nine mother’s Days without my mum RIP Dennis John and mum

Jan Warren… Really sad news, love Dennis Waterman! – The Sweeney, Minder, New Tricks etc, will be sadly missed, R.I.P matey

Mick O’Dowd… I was a great fan of DC Carter & Terry McCann!

Peter Fairless… George Carter was DI Reagan’s DS, Mick.

Lyn Humphrey… Really sorry to hear the sad news. Although he’s a few years older than me, I’ve always felt I grew up with him. I remember him as just a lad when he played ‘Just William.’ And decades ago he went out with the sister of a colleague of mine.