Argent – Hastings Pier 23rd February 1974




poster & flyer supplied by Mick Mepham

Andy Qunta….I remember seeing Argent at the Pier. Not sure if it was this date or another time. Anyway, they were great! Bought their album too! Factory used to do a version of their song “Be Free”, which I still love! Also, at the end of their set, Russ Ballard threw his guitar up about chin-high and then caught it on the last note! It inspired me to try the same, and before long I was throwing my electric 12-string as high as whatever ceiling we were playing under, and catching it. Except for the one time I almost dropped it! I wasn’t really in the mood that time, but I thought I would do it anyway, but that was a mistake apparently! Oh yeah, did I mention Argent was great? That Rod Argent – a monster on the Hammond!  Russ Ballard of course is also a great songwriter! Wrote so many hits for so many artists, including Rainbow’s “Since You’ve Been Gone” etc etc etc….

Geoff Peckham….I remember this gig for not going! Stayed in and baby-sat with a mate while his wife and my girlfriend went to pier. Said girls returned after midnight with Rod Argent and (I think) Russ Ballard. Don’t know who was more surprised to see whom.

Henry Mann…..Went to this and still listening to their live double album.

Mervyn Kennard… I was there brilliant night. The only time i saw the ballroom covered with seats.

Lloyd Johnson… They were good customers of mine back then, they bought loads of clothes from us….

Martyn Baker… Yep. I went to this one. I loved them!

Mark Gilham… Great songwriter, Russ Ballard

Ernest Ballard.. Great name too

Mark Gilham… Part of the outstanding Ballard heritage

Ernest Ballard… Le Creme de la creme. Ha ha

Lucy Pappas… A bunch of us were there, too, Andy. Sarah? Roger? Phil? The usual crew, no doubt x

Phil Gill… Yup, I was there

Chris Meachen… As was I.

Glenn Piper…. And I

Chris Baker… Saw him in Milton Keynes not long ago! Still rocking!

Jennie Tocock… I was there too!

Jan Warren… Love Argent!

Willie Wicking… Was at that Gig

Tony Court-holmes… i think i was there but mind you the early 70s are a bit vague

Pete Houghton… That was a great night and was able to talk to the band before they went on stage

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