Can you finish playing! Kings Head 1980

supplied by Pete Prescott

Pete Prescott… A note given to the band from the landlord of The Kings Head in the old town early 1980. My parents were down, they had never seen me sing. Three songs in the landlord gives me that note. Ray Fenwick takes one look then unplugs his amp, we packed up and left but the landlord begs us to stay. I would have liked to have turned down. My parents said “that was a bit short (and loud) they never did see me sing. Nice note, the band was the Jims. Pete Shaw, Dermot Terry Andy Caine, Tony & Andy Qunta and me.

Andy Qunta… How rude! Shame we couldn’t compromise & carry on, especially for Pete & his folks!

Mick Mepham… My parents only saw me once, on the pier, with Die Laughing and once with Titus, I think in Battle. I was glad they did because it’s too late now.

Mike Guy… Was it The Spell Bees – a band created to correct the spelling of landlords with poor English?

Phil Gill… My parents never saw me play either, thank goodness. They would have hated the noise. My Auntie Eileen did once – she lived in Fulham and turned up at a Stallion gig at the Greyhound. My mum had apparently phoned her to say I was playing down the road from her, whilst I was in transit – or more correctly, in the Transit. I was only 18 and it was way embarrassing…

Pete Prescott… I saw tich turner at the beach gig with the Mish Mash Band. He made the band play very quietly as he told the crowd that his parents who had never seen him perform were leaving the beach a couple of songs into the set. Hundreds of us watched two very embarrassed people walk out. they could have walked below a closed door with a top hat on. I would support any of my children at whatever they do.

Pete Shaw… It wasn’t me making any noise at that Kings Head gig! Honestly, I was using polystyrene sticks…and anyway, what’s wrong with a kit louder than Concorde….I ask you…..

Stuart Moir… Tinnitus !!!

Terry Pack… As usual, Pete, I don’t remember it, but I love the fact that you kept the (post it?) note! Which was the gig when the landlady, on handing over the money, said, ‘I’ve heard worse.’? At least he gave you a valuable impressionist painting!

Mick Mepham… Haha, Bob somebody or other if memory serves. Subtlety was never his strong suit!


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