Is that the operator on the line…

Ernest Ballard… Get off the line there is a train coming. Reverse the charges to parents. Talking clock. Ah the memories. Such heavy phone books

Jane Saunders… the smell of pee pee in the telephone boxes and all the phone numbers from working women – ahhh the memories

Alan Esdaile… Remember the smell! Used to always push the buttons in the hope of getting a few pennies

Eric Peckham… hello operator … hello operator … hello operator

Dennis Torrance… So much different then the queuing in the rain and people banging on the booth happy days lol

John Warner… Free calls just tap out the number!

Amanda Brooks… .. well you better get off, theres a train coming

Eugene Hughes… I remember them well. Particularly as we never had a phone at home. How about Dial a Disc!!!

Jan Warren… Great to see this!! – life used to be so simple?!!

Paul Morfey… The 4 runner of the moblie phone!?!

Eugene Hughes… The original mobile phones weren’t much smaller.

Jan Warren… Hideous, bulky things!! – I never had one, I think they were more of a “status symbol” for the posh, rich yuppies?! haha

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