Group Therapy – 1967


Anyone able to confirm names?

Chris Baker… No idea, sorry. Played there a few times. Stonking crowd! When the policeman came to complain about the noise they picked him up and chucked him in the sea!

Alan Esdaile… I think Mick O’Dowd mentioned before that Robin Farrant(of Farrant & Reid) was in the band????

Mick O’Dowd… Yes he was. Can’t see him in pic though.

Trevor Spears… Looks like Paul Burton at the front,i think robin Farrant and possibly Merfyn Ashdown!  Think the drummers name was Bob Drewett?

Lloyd Johnson… It is Paul Burton…😀😀👍🏻

Andre Martin… Yes Robin in the back, left hand side.

Pete Millington… Not sure whether Chris Sayer was in Group Therapy or not. Later in 1967 SPYKE were formed which included Chris Sayer, Paul Burton and me. The Sailing Club was also on our gig venues. Great times apart from the sewage coming up through the toilets at high tide.

Andre Martin… Now that really is a flash back Hastings Style – read into the advert the influence and choice of wording of one Mr Alan Jensen of The Disc Jockey Fame [and other activities]

The Damned plus The Adverts – Hastings Pier 21st May 1977


damned lp

ticket supplied by Mike Mitchell

ad supplied by Michael Wilson

Martin Curcher… Went to this

Ken Copsey… My first punk gig. Things were never the same again!

Steve Sampson… Ken, went to few about this time not sure which was the first … this .. The Stranglers … The Clash …Eddie and the Hot Rods etc… great times

Mark Johnston… neat neat neat. remember The Damned album cover miss print with Eddie and the hot rods on the back wish I still had it.