Teenbeats pose – photos by Dave Trodd

photos © Dave Trodd

Kevin Ling… Happy memories of great times – being young and thinking you’ll never grow old

John Gale… Great photos…must be 1979. They look so young

Huggy Leaver… Thanks for these, sadly some of us didn’t get old x

Perri Haste… The late great Dave Blackman – great pics

John Willis… Lovely bloke Dave.

Stuart Moir… That’s when bands had to work hard for the recognition, not like these manufactured bands out of TV programs, these were guys that grew up together through school and youth clubs etc .

Stewart Rockett… Tommy. Cool then, cool now.

Paul Mac Macnamara… The Fab 5. Smashing fellas. Still miss Dear Dave

Ian Rosario… Very swish

Ralph Town… I wish we all looked that good today lol.

Willie Wicking… Sold Huggy his 1st motorbike


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