Anyone remember the band called ‘The Lou’s’ on CBS Records?

autographed poster from Hastings Pier gig supplied by Peter Houghton

Pete saw them on Hastings Pier but can’t remember who they supported or any other information. Anyone help?

Tony Ham… As they were on CBS, The Clash possibly? Can’t find any mention of them anywhere.

Peter Houghton…  I have found them they supported Richard Hell and the Clash they was an French Punk Band members Pamels Pola Sacha Dejones Raphaele and Tolim Toto

Mark… they supported Richard Hell and The Clash in Bristol about 1978-9

Pete Fairless… They supported the Clash.

Simon Lokes… Yes i saw them at Hastings pier pavilion Nov 1977, 3rd on the bill behind The Clash and Richard Hell, also remember seeing Billy Idol hanging around after the gig.

Petrel41… See their bio at

David Kent… All I know is the guy on the far left must have been a GP because he seems to be giving his bandmate a prostate exam..

Simon Lokes… Remember seeing the Lou’s Hastings pier supporting The Clash and Richard Hell think it would have been Nov 1977, slept in a phone box outside Hastings train station as no trains back.

Petrel41… Today, the Dutch drummer of this otherwise French band got a reconstructed 1977 Lou’s badge. See

Robert Furnace… I saw the Lou’s at Castaways Club ,Union Street, Plymouth, late 1977. supporting the Clash , along with Richard Hell and the Voidoids the gig sticks in my memory not only for the fantastic line up but also watching live my first female punk band( The Lou’s ), i have tried to find this gig on setlist etc, there is no mention, or on the Clash out of control tour either, perhaps this date may have been added to the tour after the publicity information had already been distributed ? can anybody help please ?

Petrel41… Yesterday, French researchers announced there should be more research on women in French punk, including the Lou’s 

Petrel41… On scroll down a lot, there is now the poster of the first concert of Lou’s drummer Sascha de Jong’s new Dutch band, the Miami Beach Girls, in the Jam in Leiden in May 1981; supporting Cheap ‘n’ Nasty. The last line on the poster, in blue, says, translated: 1st concert (includes ex-drummer of the Lou’s).

Paul Gilbert… I played guitar with verdict the band sacha and then raphael joined after the demise of the lous

Petrel41… Hi Paul, great to hear from you! I recently put an extensive Lou’s biography at including a link to live video of the Lou’s playing at the 1977 Mont de Marsan punk festival.Sacha de Jong in 1981 came back to her/mine hometown Leiden in the Netherlands. She helped record the EP of our band Cheap ‘n’ Nasty Raphaelle Devins also came to Leiden and became our saxophone player. Pics including of Raphaelle are at Sacha founded the Leiden Miami Beach Girls: Sacha is now in isolation a kilometer away from me because of COVID-19 risk. Her only outside contact, bringing her groceries, is Heleen, bass player of both Cheap ‘n’ Nasty (1981-82 line-up) and Miami Beach Girls. Her photo is #6 of 11 at from left. I and the Punk Girl Diaries site and the Punk Scholars Network have been searching everywhere on info about your band Verdict, but found only your article on the 1979 Rock against Racism festival. With a non-working link to your site. Nothing on, eg, Please contact me at hde_tollenaere AT I, and maybe you, would like to know much more. Cheers, stay safe!

Claude Picard… Hi Paul, I work on a lot of French groups. I’m going to release a LOU’S band record, and I would like to tell a bit about the story of VERDICT you were in. I don’t know what the other person is saying, but Sacha has been dead a long time ago, sorry to tell you and Raphaëlle. I am in contact with the 2 others of the group for the project of the record. You contact me directly via my website by clicking on CONTACT, here Thank you for your help.

David Fern… Yes I saw them at Derby Kings Hall on that tour with the Clash. They were better than the Clash but Not as good as Richard Hell

Petrel 41… Hi David, that must have been 1977.11.03 King’s Hall, Derby UK (+ The Clash, Richard Hell & The Voidoids) in my band biography Another spectator at another gig wrote they were better than Richard Hell. A 1978 Sounds report wrote the audience were more enthusiastic about them, 2nd band on stage, than about the Mekons, 1st band on, or Subway Sect, headlining.

Chris Farrall… Great band saw them in 79 at Sheffield Top Rank

Colin Passfield… I got arrested with two of the Lou’s during an out of control party in Paris after Siouxsie and Banshees played at Le Palais – February 1979?. I wasnt charged, nor they in the end, wrong place at the wrong time. A crazy weekend.

Petrel 41… Colin, Le Palace, Paris, FRA 4.7.79 according to In 1981 i went with the ex-Lou’s, the n Miami Beach Girls, drummer to the Banshees open air concert in Tiel, see

John McGerr… How odd! I just googled The Lous for the first time ever and found this site! I saw them supporting The Clash at Queen’s University Student Union Belfast, late ’77 I think. They were an all female French punk band??? The Clash were supposed to play two gigs that day/night. I had a ticket for the earlier show, which didn’t materalise. I hung around with my two friends but we didn’t get to see The Clash because we lived in a small town outside Belfast and had to leave to get the last bus home at 10pm. Can’t remember much about the Lous, my only real memory of the gig was that I saw Mick Jones leaning against a wall watching their set and I asked him what time The Clash were coming on as we had to get home. He was quite stand-off-ish I remember, and wearing a pair of pink baggies. I was 13 years old FFS! Did get to see The Clash in Belfast in 1978 though at the Ulster Hall.

Petrel41… (In reply to John McGerr) Hi John, the Lou’s band biography is at



Teenagers and Jukebox – Hastings 1960’s

supplied by Roy Penfold 

Roy Penfold… This news clipping came up in the Historical Hastings group Any ideas as to venue?

Phyllis Mendenhall… Could it be in Dimarco s along teddy boy walk which is where the Carlisle’s is.

Lloyd Johnson… It maybe The Oyster Bar that was in Robertson Street in the 50s…that’s where the Ted’s hangout…

Hustler and Stallion – Hastings Pier 8th June 1974

Peter Houghton… Great band one of my fave song’s was little people

Nick Shute… Out out get outa me ‘ouse
You better take yer trench coat too
no daughter of mine’s going out wiv an ‘ippy
or a scruffy little bleeder like you!

Tony Court-holmes… used to be on tuesay nights i think

Dave Hunt… Hustler were a great band, got both their albums on cd last year

Pete Prescott.. Great band.


Unit 4 Plus 2 – 8th June 1968 and non appearance of The Nice


unit 4


Ad supplied by Sarah Harvey.  The Nice Ad Andre Palfrey-martin collection

Sarah Harvey… Two interesting bands in consecutive nights in June 1968 – Although Unit 4 Plus 2 and The Nice weren’t overly successful chart-wise, they both became well known in music history. The Nice probably produced one of the most famous musicians in keyboard player Keith Emerson who became part of the 70s supergroup’ Emerson Lake and Palmer….other members Keith “Lee” Jackson later appeared in Jackson Heights and Refugee, The late Brian Davison (drummer) later appeared in Gong. Geoff Peckham… I loved the Nice. I saw them three times in ’69: Bath Blues Festival, Plumpton Festival and Eastbourne Winter Gardens. Just loved Emerson’s reckless treatment of classical pieces and, of course, his Hammond Organ abuse! Andre Martin… Good Morning one and All – from another life The Happy Ballroom in 1968 – can I add a correction I do not recall who appeared in their place, nothing mentioned in my diary and John & Ron are no longer with us. But this was in the following weeks Observer.

Andre Martin…Remember that weekend very well. Looking to 1965, Unit 4+2 had a follow up about 2 months after the one that we all remember, this charted, but did not reach higher than 14

Jenny Tyler… I was there for Unit 4 plus 2.

Peter Pursglove… I have to differ with you Sarah,you say Unit Four were not succesful ,we had them up the Witch Doctor and Concrete and Clay was no 1 in the UK charts ,i thought they were a pretty good group.

John Storer… Really depends upon your definition of “successful” 🙂 Unit 4 + 2 hadn’t had a hit record for 3 years when this gig took place. In fact, they only ever had 2 Top 20 hits in the 7 years they were together. However, one of the “+ 2″ was Russ Ballard who was still with the band in 1968 and who went on to become the guitarist and joint-main songwriter in Argent. His songs have been recorded by many artists over the years, including Rainbow, Kiss, Roger Daltrey, Santana, Hot Chocolate.

Lynn Graham… Loved Concrete and Clay

Mick Knights… Saw unit four plus two at the Witch Doctor, where they had added another bass singer and we’re plus three on that occasion. Don, t remember them at the pier, but they obviously were.

Sarah Harvey… I wasn’t suggesting Unit 4 + 2 weren’t a good group Peter, I was merely reflecting on the fact that ‘Concrete and Clay’ was their only No.1 in the charts and one other “Never Been In Love Like This Before ” only reached No.14….a few others only just scraped into the Top 50 and most never made it at all. Even at my young age I remember them as a renowned group but their success in the charts never reflected that. Just came across the same apology printed in the Observer regarding The Nice Andre and as far as I can ascertain, they didn’t return.

Andre Martin… Unit 4+2 appeared a couple of more times on the Pier, I can remember them supporting Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames in June 1966at the first college All Nighter – June 24th. I agree, they were a good band, and were always working and filling clubs and ballrooms, and my experience working with them at different times would confirm this.

Carol Arnold… ahhhh memories

Ray Harper…. That’s Russ Ballard on the keyboard.

Stereo equipment shop Western Road St Leonards-on-Sea

Nick Bloomfield… Can anybody remember the name of a stereo equipment shop on Western Road (probably about number 30) from the 1980’s? I remember staring through the window a lot but they also had a listening lounge and once I went in and was blasted by ‘Money For Nothing’ it was brilliant too through their sound system! It must have been around 1985? They had a lot of Bang & Olufsen equipment too. I preferred my Technics amp, Garrard LAB 80 Deck and Wharfdale speakers! It’s bugging me that I can’t remember the name.

Nadia Compagnone… Hastings Hi-Fi.

Nick Bloomfield… Nadia, thanks! I feel really daft not remembering that. It’s age…

Paul Gray… Fantastic shop! Bought my 1st cd player there and upgraded my amp, speakers, turntable and speaker stands there 33 years ago. Still have the amp and stands. They were always so helpful and enthusiastic there.

Nick Bloomfield… I remember them being as Paul says and very professional too. Playing your favourite music on great stereo equipment gave you a real thirst to upgrade!


Exchange Travel Parker Road Hastings part 2 1974

Matt Thomas… I remember this building so well from when I was at Elphinstone School

Leigh Mitchell… Worked there for five years, absolutely loved it. Made some great friends there too

Rachel Rayburn… Worked on the Malta section . Reservations. Remember Jose Fenandez

Leigh Mitchell… Rachel, loved Jose, always looked after us xx

Andrew Freeman… Prior to being Exchange building it was Seeboard offices

Leigh Mitchell… Andrew, I remember Seeboard opp Exchange – we shared the car park

Andrew Freeman… Leigh, originally Seeboard had both buildings then sold one to Exchange.