Wellington Pub White Rock Hastings with Ben on the piano 1977

Elaine Roberts… 50p for a double!

Dave Weeks… Who was Ben ?

Coco Pops… The poor Old Wellington wonder who has the sign???

Graham Marriott… I don’t know but it’s not a pub any more you can’t even tell where it was Alan and Dot Chapman were the best landlord and landlady the pub had in the 1980’s used to go in there after ice skating

Coco Pops… Its now a curry house, Sir are you the owner of Marriott’s who had damage from when they were renovating the pub?

Tony Court-holmes… yet another pub that closed

Alan Esdaile… Russell Field mentioned it on my radio show today.

Dawn Leaney… Ben was an older man and used to play regularly in the saloon bar in the London Trader..l believe on the keyboard and sing.

Alan Vale… Add a zero on the end of all those prices. Great sign!





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