Southern Rail Charing Cross to Hastings 1972

Colin Bell… My Uncle Bernard was a train driver (from steam to diesel) between Hastings & Charing Cross for over 40 years and i remember the No 22, travelled the route myself so many, many times. I’d often be on the train he was driving. Happy memories

Andre Martin… Spot on Colin – service 22 like you, I used to use this many times over the years, always liked the small bar, refreshment car at the rear of the train.

Colin Bell… I loved to use the buffet car, it was all so civilised and friendly back then.

Sheila Maile… So do I remember the 22

Trevor Thorpe… …..and (l think) its counterpart, the 23, from CST

Pete Fairless… Yes, used this occasionally

The Witch Doctor Poster – The Preachers, The Confederates, Geno Washington, The Vultures, June 1965

flyer supplied by Pete Millington.  

Photo of The Preachers © Bruno Ceriotti

Mick O’Dowd… Geno! Geno! Geno! Brilliant!

Carol Arnold… saw them on the pier !

Joe Knight… Use to go to the other one at CATFORD LONDON

Pete Millington… Been there too Joe – Think this was Christmas Eve 1965


supplied by Pete Millington

Alan Wood… Saw them at pilot field

Alan Esdaile… The Preachers featured a young Peter Frampton.


Mungo Jerry – Hastings Pier 19th June 1981

Pete Fairless… In The Summer Time… Now, what was that lyric? “If her Daddy’s rich buy her a pier…”

Mike Guy… I’m still performing The Man Behind The Piano, Mighty Man, and Baby Jump! How many songs do you know where a bloke gets drunk, touches a woman, gets a thump from her husband, & gets peed on by a dog?

Joe Knight… See him early 80s Kings Country Club

Gerry Fortsch… Is this the gig that we the Hippo Band played support at? Mungo Jerry were a great bunch of guys.

Alan Esdaile… Not sure Gerry who the support band was. Anyone confirm?

Linda Day… We saw Mungo Jerry in a field somewhere can’t remember where