John Entwistle 9th Oct 1944 – 27th June 2002

John Entwistle, The Who, Toronto Maple Leaf Gardens, Oct 1976

photo by: Centre of The Universe

Iain Cobby… On this day twenty years ago, my Hero, John Alec Entwistle 57, pass away in a hotel in America . God speed you brilliant bass man! Thunder Fingers and The Ox also the quite man of The Who. much missed. Never surpassed.

Dave Nattress… You know what at The Conquest this morning for a blood test the nurse called “Who’s Next” (‘‘twas me) so I jumped up and said “the Who’s greatest album” – my personal favourite etc. and she didn’t blink an eye.  And some fell on stony ground old friend! Catch up one day!

Colin Bell… RIP some great times were certainly had over many years.


Stallion – Melody Maker win, Roundhouse ticket 27th June 1976 and review.

stallion 1976


ticket supplied by Iain Cobby      cutting supplied by Sarah Harvey.

Andy Qunta… Still awesome! Brilliant achievement by Stallion! Well done, lads! Still proud of our fellow Hastings muso friends!

John Wilde… Stallion on the Pier 2016? Count me in.

Andy Qunta… I’ll volunteer Factory for some of that too!

John Wilde… That would be a good night Andy.

Phil Gill… Bloody hippies….

Phil Thornton… specially the one with the scarf !

Pete Fisher… 40 years ago…blimey!! The band I was in (who rejoiced in the name of Roger The Cat!) won the semi-final at the Marquee the following year in 1977, but failed to win the final…we were basically a pub cover band doing the London circuit…track at my SoundCloud page…

The Original Mojo Rhythm Kings – 1960’s

Supplied by Brian Hills

Brian Hills… some pics of the Original Mojo Rhythm Kings, (‘Mojo’ because we played the Lovie Austin Blues Serenaders ‘Mojo Blues’ as our signature tune! personnel is Pete Kitcher – tpt, Vic Goede – tbn, Brian Hills – clt, Max Nye – bjo/gtr and Chris Dyson – dms. No date but 60’s

Jonathan Goad… Hi! Love these pictures. I’m one of Vic Goad’s (on trombone) sons. My dad passed away almost 20 years ago. Gone far to soon. He loved music and all the arts until his end. He was a gifted, natural musician, a talented visual artist, and an excellent actor/director. The dog my mum adopted after my dad’s passing (a rescued dog) was named Mojo.

Diane Lace… Hi, your dad was the loveliest man. I remember him so well. I was married to the trumpet player Peter Kitcher. I remember the group so well. Vic often came to our house. Happy days.

John Kitcher… My dad on trumpet Pete Kitcher


The Magnets – Hastings Pier 27th June 1978

Anyone remember The Magnets?

Martin Richter… er……….no 🙂 they must have cooled down by the time they reached the coast

Mike Hatchard… They no doubt had a certain attraction.

Robert Carey… They were quite a draw.

Graham Matthews… They do say opposite poles attract.

Martin Stoggell… A very attractive band

Nigel Goodman… yes they had quite a pull

Martyn Baker… I remember deciding not to attend this one.

Peter Webb… Shame the law still prohibits public singing.

Nigel Ford… No, I wasn’t drawn to them either, infact we were poles apart…..

Jim Breeds… Not sure I’ve heard of The Magnet. Anything to do with The Attractions?

Chris Stratton… Not remotely familiar.

Richard Brown… I went to most gigs back then but don’t remember these.

Mick O’Dowd… Seems they have lost their magnetism & attraction!