Ice Cream Shop East Beach Street Old Town Hastings – 1970’s

Photo credit: Unknown

Alan Esdaile… my aunties ice cream shop, 1970’s.

these from my cousin – possibly late 1950’s?

Carol Ann Bolton…Flares!

Kaz Baker… more worried about the trunks

Tony Court-holmes… love the flares

Sandra Cunningham… My daughter worked there! For Joan and ???

Harry Randall… I had a pair of trunks like that but got banned from the swimming pool! Didn’t realise the “S” had fallen off the logo!

Kaz Baker… did you team them up with a pair of sandals

Dave Coleman… Remember that little shop very well

Perri Ann Haste… I used to buy a mixed cone from their with strawberry, chocolate & vanilla, he was a lovely patient man

Russell Forrest… Me too! Begged my mum for an ice cream whenever went past

Julie Findlay-Jones… My cousin bought me a silver ring from the shop with the orange canopy in the 60s still got it.

Jan Warren… Oh thats so beautiful, if only we still had those lovely little shops?! xx

Andy Qunta… Pretty sure I got ice cream from there more than once or twice!

Jacqueline Marsh… Me and my cuz Teddy White who lived behind in the Hastings Wall flats use to go to the shop there that sold Candy Floss. We would get loads of the used sugar, eat tons of it and then come out in a rash which kept us off school. Did it several times until Aunty Nell his mum realised what we had been up to! wonderful memories

Lynda Whatley… oh So very true my sister

Jo Turner… late 70sb I was serving the candy floss wasps included .That became Charlie’s rock shop and I worked there late 70s

Alan Esdaile… My auntie and uncle were Marie and Jack Cook.

Adrian Stannard… Back in the good ‘ol days before violent gangs… instead it was just mods and rockers pummeling each other to death on the south coast

Eric Harmer… I see your relatives where into rock then

Marcus de Mowbray… Top photo, on right: Sybil Fawlty wearing shades!

Chris Jolly… “BASIL” she cried!


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