Chris Gentry Disc Jockey – Kings Country Club Eastbourne 1976


photos taken by Graham How

Graham How… Did I add the sepia?!

Andre Martin… All I remember was you following around several of the dancers and taking lots of photos, I never did find out if you ever had any film in your camera – do you recall the game we used to play, based on numbers ????

Alan Esdaile… you did have long hair then! Mind you I bet your playing some Motown and not Black Sabbath.

Andre Martin… Correct Disco & Motown without a doubt, and a few classic 60s tracks thrown in for good measure !

Tony Court-holmes… please do say you have no pictures of me there. I was there a couple of times

Sid Saunders… The girls look so smart.

Joanna Mod… I’m actually just a couple of streets away where I live now….I grew up here a couple of streets away from Kings…now a housing estate/shopping…leading onto the harbour…….and as a child could hear the music often….I’m back here living at my parents who have been here since 1966😃…I went to Kings just once ….disco…….my sister saw a few stars in their shows there….


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