Early photo of Pett Level

photographer unknown

Lloyd Johnson… This photo cropped up on the net and was so familiar to me!..I then realised it was Pett Level looking towards the turn off to Chick Hill on the right. The view I saw every time I left work at ‘Farley Craft Boatbuilders’ when I worked there age 15. I use to buy a snack in the Cafe most lunchtimes and 3 years earlier did a paper round very early morning before school in the area for ‘Gladwish’s Newsagents’…..

Jan Warren… Yes, I recognised this place too! – The little cafe was known as “The Kiosk” which was run for a time by my Sister, my family lived in Pett Level from about 1962-1967, it will always be special to me, I had a wonderful childhood there!

Dave Lelliott… It was good back then.

Patrick Turner… I worked in the boat yard just around the corner of that picture when I left school 1961 that picture bought back memories

Expandis – Hastings Carnival 1983


supplied by John Wilde    David Miller, John Alexander Wilde and Philip George Thornton.

Phil Gill……Photo taken a split second before the bus ploughed into the stage.

and from 1981 – Moment Of Passion

Yvonne Cleland… My mum could have made two pairs of trahsers out of those strides 🙂 🙂

John Wilde… Great memory, thanks Alan. Oh if only I had saved that gear. Loved those pants! Great times.

David Miller… Loved that day, that event and that performance.

Phil Thornton…  was going for the ‘space priest’ look which has fallen out of favour in recent years … cant get hats like that anymore ! Just noticed I’m playing an acoustic 12 string !! I must have been going through a phase !

Phil Gill… Eko Ranger 12? I used to have one of those…. I’ll say no more.

Andy Qunta… Those are surely award-winning trousers that John is flaunting!



Hastings College – A July Ball The John Roye Orchestra and The Lonely Ones 9th July 1965

Supplied by John Busbridge

John  Busbridge… A College Ball Friday 9th July circa? any ideas? Starts at 10.30pm, I am normally asleep by then, oh to be that young again!

Pete Millington… That was 1965 John – a very good year for most of us

John Busbridge… That sounds about right I was 18!

Andre Martin… I would say that sounds about right, the old Dolphin Ballroom was a great place for the more formal college dos.

Carole King… My father and uncle were in the band. My father was Roy Barden. I have photos of them all at the Dolphin Ballroom

Zing-A-Ding revue July, Grand Beat Dance Hastings Pier 8th July 1967

Kay Lobb… This is the first time that I have seen the poster for the Summer Revue on the pier ‘Zing a Ding’. I was a dancer in it (my only professional engagement!) and loved every minute. Sadly we didn’t have the audiences to support it being on for the whole summer season. However we were able to go backstage on the Sunday night to meet Cat Stevens, and watch his entire show from the wings. Wish I had photos to show from that time.

Mick O’Dowd… Whooooo????

Emperor Rosko – Hastings Pier 9th July 1976

Peter Fairless… ‘R’ to the ‘O’ to the ‘S’ to the ‘K’ to the ‘O’…

Tony Davis… When I worked at the Aquarius the Radio One Club with Rosko, came there. I was on the radio as part of the panel reviewing new releases. He is a nice guy, unlike DLT who I also met at The Aquarius on a different night

Marky Heselwood… You can hear Emperor Rosko on CHR Conquest Hospital Radio on Saturday Morning 12am till 2am. And Monday 12am till 2am

Lynne Smith… I remember DLT coming to the Aquarius

Alan Esdaile… I used to book DLT all over the country from a garden shed in Emmanuel Road!

Mick O’Dowd… Used to love “The Emperor”. His ad tune was a take on Jamo Thomas’s “I Spy For The F.B.I” which he altered to “Rosko For The F.B.I.” Played some good music as well.