Town Criers championship Hastings 1979 with Ray Goode

Alan Esdaile… Ray was a very nice guy.

Malcolm Sharpe… A gentleman, but no fishing on the beach in summer, and no dogs apart from designated areas, and a grand voice

Sandie Carlyon… Remember that well.

Jacquie Hinves… Oh my goodness. What a fabulous man Ray was. A heart of gold.

Andrew Clifton… Yes, he was a likable person. Alan

Andrew Freeman… John Woodhams also in the picture. He compared the show many times

Pete Grange… He was beach inspector too, I seem to remember

Alan Esdaile… more of a grand event in those days, look at the crowds. I sure if they could get the right sponsor or tv presenter it could be popular again. I hate to think that traditions like this might disappear in the future.

Pauline Richards… Remember Ray well.

Pete Brazier… A Great bloke Ray! I Miss him (AND HIS JOKES!)


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