Dave and The Debutantes reunion supplied by Jacqueline Marsh

all photos © Jacqueline Marsh

Jacqueline Marsh…Had a lovely afternoon, Dave and the Debs were reunited once again (at least the last four of us) It was terrific reminiscing about days gone by and its amazing just how different our memories are. Lyn didn’t remember working with Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers, and I had totally forgotten working with the Tornadoes, when Lyn had to use their drum kit. Dave had forgotten about the actual songs we recorded at EMI Abbey Road, and Val remembers using Manfred Man’s keyboard at one gig. And Lyn still does not remember working with Johnny Duncan and his Bluegrass Boys back in 1964. Dave mentioned he also bitterly regretted selling his Gretsch guitar as it would now be worth a considerable amount of money. We had lots of laughs looking at old photos and listening to a poor copy of our 60 year old record. We also were surprised to hear that Dave actually formed the original Plain and Fancy, along with Christine Newman his then girl friend and sax player after the Debs disbanded. The last photo in black and white shows the band playing at the Eastbourne Winter Gardens and Dave using his famous Gretsch.

Alan Esdaile… sounds like a great reunion with some interesting memories x


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