Owens Entertainment takes over Debenhams, Robertsons Street Hastings 2022

Just a small part of what is happening soon in the old Debenhams, Robertson Street now called Owens.

Andy Qunta… Looks great!

Peter Fairless… Experience Hastings in 1066 – when free on street parking was abundant!

Graham Sherrington… Debenhams has GONE!!!!!

Stuart Moir… I’ll keep my opinion on ice until I see the cost of entry for a mum on her own with children

The Breathers – final line up 1981

The Breathers in their final phase acting as support for The Sensational Alex Harvey Band at a gig in Mountain Ash, Wales. Red Ferrari gtr, Kevin Hoad drums, Bryn Gregory  vocals, Ric Hool bass.

The_Breathers_3 copy

The_Breathers_2 copy

Photos supplied by Ric Hool

Andy Knight….What about those long rehearsals at Fairlight Studios Rick and where are you now?

Ric Hool….Hi Andy, Yes, too true, the Fairlight rehearsals were measured in days, not hours, as The Breathers found replacements for, firstly, Steve Demitri and then Izzi Peptone.Kevin Hoad made good the drumming stool and heroically stuck it out with Red Ferrari and myself. The difference between the rehearsals above Steve’s cafe and those at Fairlight were well demarcated: the former being hugely creative in terms and the making of the Breathers whereas the latter were spent in reparation.

Mick Mepham….Isn’t that Jim Bell on guitar? Excellent player and nice guy too.

Tony Qunta….Yes it is – last time I spoke to him was about twenty years ago!

Kevin Hoad….OMG.Never seen this Photo. The singer was guy called Bryn.(Welsh you know) can’t remember surname.We did Welsh tour and support to Sensational Alex Harvey Band.The Famous Digger was our Roadie.Great Guy.

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SMART coffee meet no.61 report

A packed room for our 61st SMART coffee meet. Among the newbies this time were Roger Ferris, Ray Barry, John, Robin and Caroline Hayter, Paul Coleman, Tony Powell and others!!  Roger plays with popular blues jazz duo Smokestack. He had some wonderful stories to tell including when he was second engineer on The Beatles album Let It Be at Abbey Road Studios and Phil Spector gave everyone a present at the end of the recording and he got 200 Benson & Hedges! He also wrote songs for Arrows, Racey, Smokie and others and has Joe Meek’s 1963 Framus Star Bass guitar. Ray was in conversation with Eric Harmer and Dave Boutwood talking about the old town in the 50’s and the fishing community and also memories of Priory Road School. John had happy memories of The Witch Doctor, Robin was talking about the success of his recent film ‘Polo’s Dream’ which was recently shown at St Mary In The Castle Hastings Rocks film festival. Also the many films and tv series he has appeared in over the years and Caroline had happy memories of seeing The Rolling Stones on Hastings Pier. Paul was chatting about The Kult  and Unabridged Telephone Directory, and Tony who was manager of The Witch Doctor from 1964 to 1967 came along with lots of interesting photos, including a photo of him standing in front of The Who poster 1965, ‘I know’ The Witch Doctor flyer, photo of his group Texans, Stonefield Road bike mob and many more. Mo have Level 42 tickets from 1983 and more rare collection of DJ business cards including Sight & Sound Roadshow, The Golden Hind Roadshow, Al Cohol Disco, The Mik Kasey Soundshow, Domino Disco, Colin’s Pick a Disc Roadshow, D.C./Southern Sounds, The D.C. Discotheque, Second City Disco, Silver Sound, Johnny Francis roadshow.  Dave Jenkins had an great book called ‘Liverpool Music Roots memorabilia collection of Bob Wooler. Monica Bane had memories of The Rhythm Aces, 2 piece who played on Winkle Island on carnival days in the 1950’s. They were Arthur and Gordon Miles who run the lawnmower shop in George Street. Arthur played the piano and Gordon played the accordion and magic saw. (Anyone got any photos).  Rod Evans had a photo album of the many groups he has sung with and also a very early photo of The Swan Minstrels which featured him and others from Clive Vale Secondary Modern School, Githa Road. Merv Kennard  has found another business card from Terry James Arrow Fm as well as keyrings. Dave Muriel had some more publicity photos from his book and more details on the Hastings Art School and Mick Knight was talking about his ABC Acoustic Blues Club at The Jenny Lind. Nan was talking about albums that you buy just for the sleeve. Pete Prescott was reminding people that the Ray Fenwick tribute is on Wed 3rd August.  Too many other people to mention.  Thank you for your support and pleased to say the website had 12477 hits in June. If you had anything interesting you were talking about then please feel free to add and if I reported anything wrong then please advise.

Monica Bane… Enjoy this get together today. Thanks Alan. Monica x

Stephen Moran… I’m really sorry I couldn’t get to todays SMART coffee meet Alan, I look forward to reading your report.

Ray Barry… My first time made to feel very welcome , I’m not a musician ,I went for the retro talk and meet up with musicians, and some of these guys went to Priory Road, some before me, some after me, a great 3 hrs of reminiscing. My thanks to Colin Tapp who I went along with. Look forward to the next meet .

Lucy Pappas… Great meet-up today, Al. Thanks for organising it all x

Wendy & Graham Weaver… We didn’t sign in Alan. Every time you brought the list over you got called away😄. Nice to see so many people.

Mick O’Dowd… What a Meet! At first it looked as if no-one was coming and then it seemed as though a coach pulled up outside and there was a tsunami of people! Great to see so many newbies there. Some very interesting chats with several people who I haven’t really chatted to before. Thanks Alan you did us proud again! Bet your hands were sore after all that scribbling of notes you were engaged in. Get a dictaphone maybe!

Geoff Peckham… No, Mick. I’m sure his hands are perfectly adequate…. A most enjoyable afternoon. Thanks again, Alan. x

Cris and Merv Kennard… Might have to take over the theatre at this rate.

Mick O’Dowd… What an interesting guy that Roger Ferris is! I think the only thing he was not involved in was the invention of The Ferris Wheel, but then again he has only been to the Meet once so maybe this is for afters. Really nice guy.

Tony Davis… Sorry to miss it.

Marc Bolan & T Rex and support Stallion – Hastings Pier 25th July 1975



Ticket supplied by Nick Webb, Photo of Marc Bolan (T Rex) from a 1973 ABC Television In Concert performance.

Chris Meachen…..Ah, T.Rex… The only time I ever saw the bouncers scared, as a tide of pubescent girls flooded through the gates, sweeping them aside in the crush to get to the front of the stage. One of them even got his arm pushed through the glass of the main doors, & any attempt to check tickets was futile

Glenn Caroline Piper….I first saw T-Rex in 1971 at Brighton Dome. Mickey Finn was there and Bolan did some acoustic numbers from Tyrannosaurus Rex days. My first live gig

Pete Zinc-alloy… by the time marc played hastings mickey finn and bill legend had left the band.my mates in the support group played a set equal to marc’s band

Phil Thornton… I remember this well, John Wilde (our frontman) was interviewed for ‘Sounds’ by Julie Birchell who thought he was Marc !!! – we got to meet him and Gloria backstage, lovely people. rip Marc.

Alan Esdaile… Still looking for a poster for this gig and photos, anyone?

Karen Sweatman… I  love T Rex, but was only five years old

John Wilde… This was a great gig for us (Stallion) and a good evening for everyone.  I was deeply offended when Marc told me to “fuck off out of my dressing room”.

Terry Pack…. I was at this one. Stallion were excellent. T Rex were disappointing: the drummer in particular was very loud and seemed to have no technique at all. Marc Bolan looked unwell, I thought.

Phil Thornton…  didn’t remember that part of the evening John Alexander Wilde all things considered I think you came out on top !!

Kevin Burchett… I was there but don’t remember a thing probaly very drunk lol

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