Gridlock Spumes and the Case with No Name book by David Muriel and Bruce Veness

photos supplied by David Muriel

Book… A spine-tingling adventure, not for the faint hearted. Zany wordplay abounds in this crazy caper featuring ace detective Gridlock Spumes and his cross-dressing sidekick, Doctor Phuckwytte Prunestone. The story begins with the bosomy Lady Bulimia Puke tearfully revealing all, as she recounts the blackmail demands she has been subjected to, since her sojourn in a French ‘Sanatorium’. But all is not as it seems, as a series of disguised villains lead our gallant duo a merry dance across the Channel and back again. This dastardly two-step culminates in a discovery that threatens to tear apart the very fabric of British society, along with Doctor Prunestone’s best ball gown.

About the authors… Born in 1943, Bruce Veness and David Muriel spent their childhood in Hastings, meeting at the art school there. They then pursued different careers, Mr Muriel studying Graphic Design and Mr Veness Fine Art. Having worked in industry, both gained further experience in education, teaching in their respective subjects. Now retired, Mr Muriel lives in Kent and Mr Veness in France with his wife, Jill. Having an abiding interest in comedy, Mr Muriel has written a contemporary play, while Mr Veness, having a similar creative flair for the theatre, now designs, acts, and directs with his actress wife in their own theatre company.


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