Hastings Art School – Brassey Institute 1957


photo supplied by Dave Muriel

John Mcewen… I went to art school there, apparently with Derek Riggs of Iron Maiden fame. I’m told he remembers me but sadly I can’t say the same.

Mike Waghorne… Now the library !

John Mcewen…. it’s always been the library. The art school was on the top floors.

Mike Waghorne… John, yes I worked on the past referb there !

Lloyd Johnson… John, Yes! That’s right I went there in 62/63…

Tara Reddy… awh this is so lovely, I was looking for contributions last year but we had no responses for a project based on the Trinity Triangle. The group who have been involved have done a great job though and have created a lovely mural with characters and places that reflect that unique area of Hastings…there are so many interesting hidden histories in this town and I doubt the mural covers it all but hopefully will be a pleasant artwork to share with the community.

Carol Acott… I went to Saturday morning art classes there when I was at senior school

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