David Kenny Sussex Ltd Bexhill Road – caravans.

remember him at Combe Haven?

Phil Gill… He wasn’t living in a caravan when I went to college with his daughter Clare. They lived in Westfield Place by then and he drove a Jensen Interceptor.

Martin Richter… how much?

Andy Knight… I worked hard as a bottle boy so he could buy the DK1 plate for the car

Moya Wilson… My Dad. Andy, it was DK 50

Andy Knight… Don’t get me wrong Moya I enjoyed every minute and met some interesting people, including Ken!!

Colin Jefferys…. I doubt he actually lived in a caravan

Moya Wilson… He did actually

The Pretty Things- Hastings Pier 4th August 1973


pretty back

supplied by Mick Mepham and Iain Cobby

Mark Sims….John from this band lives near me in Spain.

and from 1969 Norman Wisdom with the Pretty Things!

Andre Martin… This site is now getting just toooooooooooo serious !!!

Tony Davies….Ooooh !!! Sally Geeson !!

Phil Gill… Did you know that England’s guitarist Frank Holland plays guitar in The Pretty Things now?

Jan Warren… I saw them at The Carlisle, 26th April 2013, they were amazing, still hoping they’ll play there again soon!!

Gavin Martin… Superb!

Iain Cobby… I have a mono copy of “S F Sorrow” somewhere in the loft that Steve D encouraged me to buy in Woolly’s . One of the greatest concept albums, written before the Who’s “Tommy”.… and yes Phil re FH, it’s on the sleeve notes of England’s “Garden Shed” deluxe edition. Great prog album.

Peter Thomson… I was at the pier gig and seem to recall it was not that well attended. Shame, I thought it was a superb night.

Steve Merchant… I was at this gig in 1973. Memory almost totally shot on it but I do remember some hi jinks involving PA climbing by a long haired chap that was almost certainly Phil May. Not a great turn-out for it as I remember, probably too obscure for Hastings back then. I also remember watching a family with children arriving and fleeing very shortly after, god knows what they expected. Pretty things I expect…ha!

Peter Thomson… Blimey that’s a long time ago….

Dave Fuggle… I remember going to this gig. Still have that flyer knocking around.

To celebrate the life and music of Ray Fenwick – Wed 3rd August 2022

Pete Prescott… Please share this if you are going and let friends who remember Ray know about it.

Dave Nattress… Brilliant idea!

Dave Carey… So sad to hear he’s gone, I remember seeing the Jims a few times at the Chatsworth Hotel back in the day plus his gigs with Johnny Mars, I think, a great blues harp player/singer. Ray was a lovely fellow & an astonishing guitarist. Will try & attend this event, can’t quite remember who the other Jim’s were.

Mark Farnham… Remember Ray from the various gigs around the Hastings and Bexhill area, saw the Jims and Harry at Star Inn and Continential plus a few other places. Sad to hear he’s gone. Easy guy to talk to.