Have you got hearing problems with background music asks Neil Chapman


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Neil Chapman… I’m staying for a few more days at UCLH London. What a fantastic hospital it is as well. I’m being treated for myeloma. My question is ..that in the background of fans and air conditioning and any air flow I guess, I can hear Tony Blackburn chatting away about George Michael etc. But most of all the music  of George’s and Gospel music at night, that is a really low level sound, all mixed with the sound of the fans. Im not complaining far from it, or do you think.it might be my on going tinnitus. Yours Heavily medicated of London 

Tracy Birrell… Love it

Mark Rodrigues… I don’t know, though is it possible as a music fan that your ears are craving clarity of the recording? Then you can’t unhear the other stuff?

Mick O’Dowd… I’ve got hearing problems and tinnutitis but no music. Wear two hearing aids which are meant to cut down on background noise and can be programmed to hear most from a certain direction.

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