Did The Peddlers play Hastings asks John Gale?

yes John they played on the 12th May 1974

John Gale… Not everyone’s cuppa tea, but I’ve been after this double deleted CD for about 20 years, my Dad loved ’em, only wish he was still here for me to give it to him. The live disc, in my opinion, is one of the best live albums ever made. I’ve got it on vinyl but now on CD and converted it to mp3, sorted. I’m unable to find out if the Peddlers ever played in Hastings, I’m talking the the 60/70s, Does anyone know please?

Mick O’Dowd… How I envy you that Live at The Pickwick album. I had it on vinyl years ago. Think the answer to a Hastings appearance is a NO!

Andy Qunta… Always loved The Peddlers!

Geoff Peckham… I remember you telling me, Andy, and thinking ‘Good, I’m glad someone else does!’

Andy Qunta… Geoff, yes, and as you know, there’s a jazzy Peddlers influence in our Factory song, Am I Mad.

Peter Millington… I saw them at the De-la-warr in the ‘70s “stunning”

Eric Harmer… Where they a biker band ?

Mick O’Dowd… Eric, More like a push bike band

Alan Esdaile… I’m pretty sure they would have appeared at The White Rock Theatre at some stage but haven’t found anything as yet

Gerry Fortsch… I was not a fan of jazz in the 60’s but the Peddlers made me think again, a great band of good musicians, the bass player used a Gibson EB2 and one of my greatest regrets was getting rid of mine in the late 70’s.

Bob Shipway… A superb unique sound – loved ‘em

Colin Gibson… Great band. I was lucky enough to play with drummer Trevor Morais in the Carol Grimes band. Fabulous drummer and lovely, extremely funny guy. He’s the one in the middle.

Pete Prescott… Great band !

Jeffrey Beadle… Loved em! Used to play at the Black Prince on the A2. My mate used to service their transit. They used to have a a residency slot on a tv prog back in the early 70s I think? Can’t remember what the prog was?

John Gale… that rings a bell with me, I think it was The Les Dawson show.  My Dad was a massive fan of theirs and it’s rubbed off on me, that live album is nut

Darren Holmes… Wow John, just played a few tracks of theirs on YouTube, bloody brilliant

John Gales… wow, I could have gone, I wonder why dad didn’t go, maybe he did🤔, sadly I can’t ask him now , cheers Alan


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