Do you remember double decker buses?

photo source: unknown

Beki Milton… Sure do

Lynn Graham… Yep

Phil Hart… I remember trolly buses !

Chris Baker… Me too! I still find it hard to believe they used to pass each other in Hastings High Street!

Marky Ontheradio… I was on one Sunday at the transport museum in Manchester

Eileen Adams… My school bus… Swaffham! (Thank you Harry Hill!)

Richard J Porter… I remember London Trams.

Mike Guy… Ah yes, half price if you didn’t want a ticket!

Dennis Torrance… Oh yes hoping the conductor missed my hiding head lol

Roger Simmonds… Sure do ! Loved those old trolley buses !

Judy Atkinson… Dripping with nicotine!

Josie Lawson… Yes

Tony Court-holmes… and you could smoke up stairs

Wendy Weaver… To work and back each day in London before I came to Hastings in 1979.

Ian Brown… Bring em back

Pauline Richards… I remember Philip and Kenny Hood’s dad being a conductor and letting me off the fare !

Keith Blizard… These one man busses will never catch on

Peter Houghton… Yes I do remember them collecting your bus fare

Glenn Piper… Only too well

Mick O’Dowd…”No standing on the top!!!” Fares please!

Helen Florides… School

Steve Thorpe… Worked as a conductor on London Transport. Great job.

Alan Pepper… The bus conductors were great characters ! On the 133 in the sixties . Very friendly and always cheerful. Who remembers the old boy who was very hard of hearing ? Shouting Fares please !!! Happy days on the way to the Memorial going to the ABC minors….. That’s another story for another day !

Dave Nattress… For sure, and I remember coming from Bexhill to Hastings with my parents. Trolley buses and the overhead wires as well. Bexhill had them as well as Hastings and I think Eastbourne and Brighton – most places maybe. As I’m well into being an old git now, I recently used my bus pass for the first time with Wife and daughter for a double decker bus trip from Eastbourne to Brighton along the coast road. Not a bad experience, and we were in the front seat upstairs, but pretty uncomfortable seats and compared to taking the car… unbelievably slow, took over one and a half hours. But FOC for me at least. First time in a bus for years and years. But overall a good caper.

David Blundell… Ooh I ‘ate you Butler . . .

Alan Vale… I have an pld door bell switch from one (car boot) totally vandal proof been my bell switch for 20+ years

Nigel Ford… 50 minutes both ends of the day from Battle to Bexhill Grammer for 5 years via Sedlescombe & Filsham Road. Private ‘B’ started from Woods Corner & Private ‘A’ from Burwash so they had much longer rides from there. We graduated to the back seat on the top deck for the last two years with my Ferguson ‘Tranny’ (which I had to keep well concealed in my duffle bag all day every day while at school) blasting out Radio 1 and sneaked a Players No. 6 on the quiet….

Neil Partrick… Childhood in south-east London comes flooding back. The seat cover pattern, the colour of the leather, the ticket collector’s machine….


Ritz ABC Cinema, minors song and more


supplied by Samuel Freeman

Yvonne Cleland… fab

Andre Martin… That was a venue that should never have been sold off for a Supermarket – the trouble was in the late 60s people just did not go to the cinema as in earlier days, and some of these palaces just did not pay.

Philip Meston… I saw many films there, not to mention ABC Minors!

Peter Pursglove… I  think the video recorders did a lot to kill off the cinema sadly ,I used to love the cinema ,early sixties my half day off from hairdressing in Tower Road i used to scoot round and catch 3 shows he he i remember 6 cinema’s then ,2 in st leonards and 4 in hastings

Nick Prince…The ABC Ritz was profitable at the time of closure, as to was the Orion. Although you are quite right, in general, cinema attendences were falling.

Dennis Torrance… Were all palls together last film on abc le mons steve McQueen I think went there most weeks to see a film with my parents during the week. The organ that came up in the stage there the badges 3d each ice poles and the talent shows.

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King Size Slim – Songs from The M/V Seawitch and Mike Willis – Stables Theatre 3rd Sept 2022

Award winning artist Toby Barelli aka KING SIZE SLIM and the crew of the Merchant Vessel Sea Witch make a rare trip shoreside Saturday 3rd September to broadcast their all-new all-original show direct from the Stables Theatre in the heart of the Old Town. The distinctive KING SIZE SLIM Heavyweight Acoustic sound has performed on three continents and countless countries and festivals over the last 15 years. Has appeared by a special invitation for Bahraini royalty and as hand-picked warm-up act for rock legends Queen. ” A sound that shouts loud and kisses sweet ”. This evenings special guest is St.Leonards very own troubadour Mike Willis