Pop Festival – Pett Village 1973 – who remembers?


all photos supplied by Angela Frances Gardner


Ian Mantel… My parents owned the Country Stores in Pett Road at the time, they were not amused I seem to recall

Geoff Peckham… I remember this very well. Nice vibes. Factory played – I don’t recall who else. I believe it was run by Kenny Marten, a great character – a brickie from London and habitué of the Nelson. It was a free festival, well we certainly weren’t paid and Kenny chastised us for thanking Tony Shipley for providing the beer at the end our set – he’d charged for it! Good times!

Andy Qunta… Great memory, Jaffa!

Pete Fisher… “Pop music pouring from amplifiers…a continuous beat beat beat”…and a young woman who took her clothes off…what is the world coming to…I must have missed this one unfortunately…

John Wilde… Great fun and good vibes. Factory were tight!

Tony Court-holmes… John you were on a monkey bike

Angela Frances Gardner… It was a wonderful weekend I’ve still got lots of photos.

Photos now at the top of this post. Thank you Angela.

Bob Gregory… Just about remember this , had some laughs with a Mr Dave Garland at this venue or what i can remember of it.

Pete Prescott… I think I’ve finally found it!  I’ve been asking for years about Woodstick. My first trip to Hastings. I wonder how many people were there that I’ve come to know ? We played on the Saturday afternoon.

Phil Gill… Although this video is primarily Stallion at Reading Festival in 1976, it also contains footage of the Tich Turner/Tony Bridger/Steve Kinch version of the band at the Pett festival.

Tony Court-holmes… yes i went there

Martin Blackman… I was there, I seem to remember someone asking me to be a car parking attendant, which wasn’t a great idea considering the abuntant amount of hallucinogenic drug abuse! great little festival though.

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  1. Bob Gregory , Just about remember this , had some laughs with a Mr Dave Garland at this venue or what i can rememer of it.


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