SMART coffee meet no.62 report

 Wow! and who said it wouldn’t be so popular on a Tuesday! Our 62nd coffee meet and was packed, excellent turn out with some very interesting people. Among the newbies this time were Marilyn Dunn, Andrzej Kwiatkowski, Jane Burden, Rosie Shore, Les Mannering and John Norris. Marilyn was talking about her love of 60’s music and has happy memories of meeting Georgie Fame and many others. Andrzej was chatting about classical guitars and Jane had fond memories of going to the Aquarius and seeing Steve Maxted show with wonderful Motown music. Rosie was talking about her brother Mike Hawker who co wrote hits for Helen Shapiro, Dusty Springfield and others. She also had happy memories of when she worked for the BBC and was producer on ‘Animal Magic’. Les had photos of when he was bass player with ‘The Freehold’ which featured a very young Phil Collins. He was also in Love Affair and local group Bishops Fynger. He had a 90’s flyer from the Marina Fountain. John was an electronics sound engineer and worked on Rick Wakeman’s synthesizer and also Selmer amps and Gibson guitars. Anthony ‘Nan’ Morland had a pile of interesting photos including Hurst Court, Collins & Hayes 80’s running team, Francmo, Huffeys, Royal Sussex Arms, The Dolls Hospital, George Melly and many more. ‘Mo’ had a Masons Music record bag, paper cuttings from 1973, a Disc Jockey record shop receipt, Radio One Roadshow 1978 programme and Free Radio Association letters. Barry French had leaflets from Leisure Music and Cafe Blues Eastbourne. I had some Priory Road school magazines. Too many other people to mention. Very sorry I did not get round to speaking to everyone. If you had anything interesting you were talking about then please feel free to add.

Merv & Cris Kennard… Thanks Alan for arranging another meeting, good to see everyone again.

Colin Bell… Great to see so many regulars and new people and catch up

Monica Bane… So agree Colin, Good to chat to quiet a few. Enjoyed moving around and listening to stories of others, Thanks Alan.

Leigh Michell… I completely forgot it was on . Remind me next time, please

Tony Davis… Sorry Alan forgot it was today

Jim Breeds… Great turnout and great fun. Thanks Alan

Claire Lonsdale… Thanks Alan, it was yet another great meet . Look forward to the next.x

Mick O’Dowd… Never expected that! I only came to make up numbers because my hearing was very bad. Apologies to anybody that thought I was rude in not replying but at present i’m near totally deaf. Had a letter from ENT to say the waiting list is 48 weeks. Getting them syringed at end of this month so am just having to get on with it. Thanks for the patience and understanding to people that I did managed to speak to.

Dave Jenkins… Truly amazing afternoon .

Matt Thomas… I want to know if Nan has any photos of ‘inside’ Mason Music 😂

Gerry Fortsch… Looks like you had a very interesting get together, I must try to get along some time.

Dave Nattress… Missed it Alan. Still have stuff to bring on Samisen, Sarah H be aware, some old posters etc. some you did, some interesting band programmes and general stuff. Hopefully Jaffa and I will team up for the next one! Some of Damaris on the pier supporting Supercharge – they could rock, and Sussex Uni Melody Maker Rock Contest heat.

Steve Maxted… Thanks Jane for recalling all those fond memories at my Thursday shows x So glad so many of those ‘meets’ keep it going with such enthusiasm

Merv Kennard… Thursday nights with you started the weekend Steve

Lucy Pappas… Didn’t manage to get there this time, Al, so really appreciate your report. Love the Factory pic! x

Bernard Goffredo… was talking to Roger Daltrey recently and he said there was a club we used to play in Hastings, I said the witchdoctor yes that’s the one he said

Lance Collins… Sorry I missed it. Will try to get to next meeting

Tony Qunta… Shame I haven’t been able to make the SMART meetings for a while. Best wishes to everyone – hope I can make it to one soon!