The Royal Sussex Arms, Highbank, Old London Road Hastings

photo © Anthony ‘Nan’ Morland

Claire Finn… Had a few drunken nights there

Alan Esdaile… Used to drink in here when we went to the Round Table Youth Club. Probably about 12/13 and probably drinking cider!

Lyn Farkley Appleyard… Wow seriously wow……we used to go to the Youth Club attached to the Catholic Church Hall and drank coke cola straight from the bottle. Yep really wild eh? Later a building was especially adapted on the City Walls Road….. BRILLIANT and yes, we still drank soft drinks. Never used an illegal drug in my life…….can you imagine this sense of humour and drugs 🤔 Mind blowing or what🤯 Not tempted at all but not a prissy ninny. God Save Our King……. King Charles in Wales right now…….I bet he wished he could go to the local Youth Club when he was a lad!

Paul Phillips… What a great pub that was.. so many friends drank there together before we went off nightclubbing to finish our night off…too many names to mention but you all know who you are …true friends for life and love you all guys

William Wallace… used to go for a drink in there with me bird when i came home on weekend leave, my bird soon became my wife and still is after 39 years…great memories

Pauline Richards… It’s a pharmacy now. I used to work at Weavers opposite!

Angie Warren… Was a great pub !

Janet Brophy…. Remember This

Mike Mitchell… Loved a Sunday lunchtime pint or two there back in the day

Ken Phelps… My old home in the 70s

Bookham Ally… Slightly modified.

Jacquie Hinves… Remember it so well. Would pop in for a drink to wind down after a St Helens shift.

Paul Collins… It might be a pharmacy now but there’s definitely still less drugs in there than when it was the sussex!

Allan Mitchell… I remember those days Done Loads Of Boozing Here Great Memories.

Stuart Moir… Now a Chemist another sad end to a popular pub .

Vivien Eldred… Remember it well. Lived on high bank and often went for a drink here.

Keith Blizard… Remember a landlord called Paul he was a great guy !

Allan Mitchell… Keith, Most definitely. Paul And Angie

Miriam Moffat-Bailey… Keith, I used to help out on a Tuesday evening when Paul had it for a couple of hours in the 80’s lovely people

Clare Stuart… Paul is my Dad, they are both well living in Wales

Graham Matthews… The honey pot, always full of gorgeous nurses

Marcus de Mowbray… Now a pharmacy

Judy Atkinson… Used to do the quizzes there when Steve & Kim ran it. Max Splodge (Splodgeness Abounds) was a regular & played a very memorable Christmas gig there. Think it might have been the first pub I went to without my parents, aged about 14 (1/2 pint cider)

Jil Wild… St Helens nurses home local. Happy days.

Grant Burton… My stepdad Mick Baker drank in there

Tony Court-holmes… now there was a well run pub. Paul is still with us, I see his daughter Claire sometimes.

Mick Boss… I Remember Ron Bicker and his wife when I used the pub, they used to run Sussex County Darts from there in the 70’s. Ron asked us one night if we could get a 16′ christmas tree to go on the front entrance roof, yes mate no problem. Next day we spent 4 hours dragging the tree out the woods and onto the truck, it was so big the tip was bouncing up and down we couldn’t see to drive😂. Delivered the tree which took up half the carpark and Ron was over the moon. Go up the pub that night and Ron had cut 6′ off the top and stuck it in a pot, could not believe it. We risked getting nicked, struggled to get it to the pub and he cut the bloody thing up

Mike King…Had many a pint in there, mainly during the 70s. Used to get my haircut in Weavers, do my mum’s shopping along Mount Road where I also had my paper round – and mum worked at St Helens Hospital. Happy days.

Mick Boss… I wonder if they know there is a pumping station under the car park

Kev Towner… I have a great memory of a session in this pub with Amanda Brooks, does anyone else remember this?

Amanda Brooks… In the good old days, I remeber ‘ish …Sue and I always used to be in there.

Linda O’leary… I remember those days!



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