Co-Op Queens Road Hastings – school uniforms 1965

Alan Esdaile… I’m sure all mine came from Wards.

Pete Fairless… posh boy!

Colin Bell… And mine!

Merv Kennard… Didn’t know there was anywhere else to get the uniform other than wards!

Andy Ives… mine too

Nicola Dobson… Mine too

Ralph Town… The cap really doesn’t work with the rest of the ensemble. lol

Alan Esdaile… I think my cap disappeared in the first few days, when the older kids grabbed it. Parents were not happy!

Music & Fashion – The Wardrobe, Fab Boutique, Chelsea Girl, Maridadi & Others in Hastings.


supplied by Nick Prince

Anyone remember The Wardrobe boutique?  This had an entrance in York Gardens and was part of Wards. Also have fond memories of Huckels, The Fab Boutique and Cyril Savages. Any others?

Nigel Ford… Underground, and I think I got my Parka from Millets in 1969…I too remember all the others Nick.

Dave Nattress… What about the Trading Post for the ex.Army gear!! But for the early 70′s smooth phase, yeah, used to come over from Bexhill to Fab Boutique and Huckells for sure. But then broadening it right out, Kensington Market for the Afghan Coats, scoop neck T shirts and Loon Pants.

Matt Thomas… Scorpio

Caz Simpson… Was the Fab Boutique owned by on of the Fisher brothers? Brian? If so the ladies part do it was called She in Queens Road.  She was quite high up Queens Road, I think it was upstairs to Fab. Very small but lovely clothes.

Jim Breeds… Yes, bought loads of clothes in there. And Fab. Great days for huge butterfly shirt collars.

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