Alexandra Park Hastings – boats

Tracy Howell… Why they ever changed, kids would of loved. I did

Lyn Farkley Appleyard… Tracy, We were ALL happy with things kids (and even adults) never experienced. Life experiences will never be replaced by any computer game……..

Angela Frances Gardner… I loved the rowing boats in the park. So sad when they were taken away.

Sandra Cunningham… My cousin Jo used to work on them in the 60s x

Pauline Sims… Good times!

Lloyd Johnson… In the 1950s I remember building a Jetex model of the Bluebird boat. Alan Mitchell and I took it to the boating lake ,luckily it was on a long piece of fishing line. We lite the fuse of the Jetex motor and it went off like a rocket and then dived under the water at high speed….smoke everywhere!…

Alan Mitchell… I remember it well !

Amanda Russell… I remember watching fireworks there…over the boating lake…it was awsome.

Lyn Farkley Appleyard… Sheer bliss……

Bernard Goffredo… And now it is a filter bed for water instead of being something built for the Public to enjoy

Linda Boiling… remember them well. Shame we don’t have them anymore

Allan Mitchell… Good times!

Tony Qunta… Such a shame! Bad idea taking them away, just like it was a bad idea replacing the cricket ground with a shopping area!

Mick O’Dowd… I spent many hours here as a lad. On the boats and sailing my pond yacht (whatever happened to this hobby?)

Marilyn Spence… “Come in number 2!”

Tracy Birrell… My first boyfriend rowed me across the lake on a date.

Dennis Torrance… I remember well iced over in 63 playing on the boats happy times and fireworks there Wednesday nights and ice cream hut there small block of ice cream in a wafer

Keith Veness… Great time there

Ashleigh Humberstone… This park is unfortunately so drab. Nothing like this now. Play Park is just terrible go home with nothing but rope burn, wish they would get rid and build a better one!

Alan Esdaile… still looking for photos of the maypole.


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