Town Crier Pub Queens Road Hastings 1979

Samuel Freeman… My Local years ago

Pauline Richards… 1979 !!! Looks sooo long ago

Alan Esdaile… it was Pauline!

Ian Johnson… I’ve played the sound system upstairs back in the day

Fiona Evans… When pubs were pubs – the good old days!. I wonder where that pub sign is now !!!

Lloyd Johnson… Wasn’t that The GI in the 60s?…

Alan Esdaile… Yes it was, I think before it became the New Central.

Lloyd Johnson… was it ever called ‘The Cricketers’……?

Mick O’Dowd… Lloyd, The Cricketers was in South Terrace.

Tony Court-holmes… and up from The Cricketers was The Two Princes and The Pilot round the corner

Karen Riggs… I remember this pub. In 1979 I was 17 but still got served.

David Edwards… Formally the Central and once was The GI.

Chris Meachen… Always used to go in there after aquarium club meetings as a teenager.

The Beaconsfield pub Hughenden Road Hastings

supplied by Matthew Thomas

closed in 2009

Tony Court-holmes… drank in there in the late 90s

John Mcewen….Brings back memories! That was my local in the 70s/80s.

Terry Tollan… I can see old Barny from the Barnys motos..No Berry too

Lynda Caine… My mum worked there in the 70s when John and Thelma run it, not for long. She said John liked swearing a lot . Mind you It was my nan and grandads’ local as they lived in Beaconsfield Road .