The Warrior Hotel, Warrior Square, St Leonards – advert 1972

Richard Moore… Resident band from late 70’s to March 83 when it went ito liquidation. Many happy memories there and wonderful functions.

Virginia Davis… Went to a couple of firms Christmas parties there in late 70s.

Merv Kennard… Did a few student discos there in the mid 70s.

Keith Blizard… Had our wedding reception there half the guests had food poisoning

Perri Ann Haste… I can remember working here one summer in the late 70’s

Mandy Taylor… I worked there .. chamber maid in the 80′ .. hard work but loved it ..

Ian Johnson… Played the sound there

Mick Barrow… Used to have the Lifeboat AGM there early 70s

Pat Burgess… Memories I worked in reception from 1965 till it closed in 67. Are you sure the date is correct, as I think Viceroy closed it on 67.

Alan Esdaile… Hi Pat, the publication that this ad came from was 1972 but I suppose its possible that they reused the ad from an earlier publication?

Paul Coleman… I had my marriage reception there – a long long time ago.

Gary Benton… It certainly didn’t close until the 70s as I remember going with my parents several times to eat in the restaurant called the Warrior Tent. If it had closed in 67 I would have only been 6 and too young to remember it.

Heather Wilson… Went there for dinner dance on our wedding day in 1980 .so it was open then x


West Coast Consortium and The Millionaires – Hastings Pier, Soul Committee and Extreme Sound – The Cobweb. 12th October 1968.


west coast consortium


Ads supplied by Sarah Harvey

Sarah Harvey… This day October 12th, 1968. A Choice of music at two venues in the town.

Alan Esdaile… I wonder if The Steamhammer is the same one that played the pier and did Juniors Wailing?

Barry Taylor… Yes Alan, I was there but don’t remember much!

The Alamo – photo around 1973 and The Queens Head Ad Bexhill 1972



photo supplied by Peter Millington around 1973.

Yvonne Cleland… The Queen’s Head!

Alan Esdaile… I think this was Bob Smith’s country & western band.

Myra King… Yes it was the Alamo Alan, Bob Smiths country and western Band.

Joe Knight… Must at least retired 5 times to my knowledge last time at the COMET PUB


Boating Lake boats – Old Town Hastings

Lloyd Johnson… What I had in those boats in the 1950s..

Wendy Brewster… I remember those days

Lynda Whatley… That takes me back ‘n so much fun my cousin Val and I had as kids

Helena Kingshott… Me to x

Tony Court-holmes… when it was the proper size i wonder how long we will still have it

Ray Barry… Remember them well particularly the patrol boat which was the fastest, I wanted thar job !!

Mike Rawlinson… Loved them

Pete Grange… Good to see we used to go on them a lot

Graham Mccallion… The good old days

Mike Waghorne… Looks a lot bigger than I can remember it was

Dennis Torrance… Great times indeed loved them boats

Derek Bowdler… Worked there with Wally the mechanic

Shaun Patrick Ogrady… Nice boats crap ones they got now

Nicola Dobson… Loved them and the lake was much larger then

Mick O’Dowd… So many times . So many memories!

Alan Esdaile… Does anyone remember imaged decorated lights (may have been animal shapes?) shone out at night at the back of the boating lake?

Gary Knight… Yes.

Terry Tollan… I worked on this lake in the summer holidays and weekends !!!!

Daryl Burchmore… These boats for a while, ended up at the White Rock playground for kids to jump around in

Adrian Sooty Lily Hennings… Brings back memory’s does Hastings

John Randall… One of the places we three brothers had worked. I once went on a day off to be driven round in the patrol boat only to find myself drowning as they pushed me out and my no doubt fashionable jacket filled with water and dragged me under. No waiting boats are waiting for you,12 glorious minutes as Oscar called out

Dominic Rumsey… Original boating lake was pedalos on the park lake. That was in the 1950s

Jon Hiseman’s Tempest – Hastings Pier 12th October 1973

26234_385823933709_5298900_n 13330_369636498709_4181463_n img361

supplied by Mick Mepham and the 3rd one supplied by Roger Carey


img788 img787

photos from the pier gig by Roger Carey

Jon Hiseman soloing and Ollie Halsall taking a synthesizer solo. Ollie Halsall guitar & vocals and Mark Clarke bass & vocals.

and from 1974

Phil Gill…..Brilliant gig – Ollie Halsall, what a player. And they did a storming version of Paperback Writer too. How about you Pete Fisher?

Mick Knights….If I’m not mistaken Jon Hiesman introduced himself as Ginger Baker!

Glenn Piper… I  remember this one 🙂

Chris Meachen…. Brilliant gig;- I remember Hiseman juggling during his solo, sticks spinning in the air above his head while others bounced off drums.. Ollie Halsall also impressed by switching from left-handed guitar to right-handed bass for one number….

Pete Fisher… Remember having the album for sure…I have a list of concerts I remember going to, but don’t have the ticket, and this isn’t on it…but I must have been there…hazy days….

David Miller… Great to see the splendid Ollie Halsall in those pics on keys and especially guitar.

Pete Fisher… shared this to the Ollie Halsall and Patto Fan group Facebook page, and what a small world it is Roger Carey and Iain Cobby, as Tobias Van De Peer asked if the Roger I mentioned was you, and said he’s in Iain’s band!

Martyn Baker… I definitely went to this one. Cannot remember much about it though.