The Warrior Hotel, Warrior Square, St Leonards – advert 1972

Richard Moore… Resident band from late 70’s to March 83 when it went ito liquidation. Many happy memories there and wonderful functions.

Virginia Davis… Went to a couple of firms Christmas parties there in late 70s.

Merv Kennard… Did a few student discos there in the mid 70s.

Keith Blizard… Had our wedding reception there half the guests had food poisoning

Perri Ann Haste… I can remember working here one summer in the late 70’s

Mandy Taylor… I worked there .. chamber maid in the 80′ .. hard work but loved it ..

Ian Johnson… Played the sound there

Mick Barrow… Used to have the Lifeboat AGM there early 70s

Pat Burgess… Memories I worked in reception from 1965 till it closed in 67. Are you sure the date is correct, as I think Viceroy closed it on 67.

Alan Esdaile… Hi Pat, the publication that this ad came from was 1972 but I suppose its possible that they reused the ad from an earlier publication?

Paul Coleman… I had my marriage reception there – a long long time ago.

Gary Benton… It certainly didn’t close until the 70s as I remember going with my parents several times to eat in the restaurant called the Warrior Tent. If it had closed in 67 I would have only been 6 and too young to remember it.

Heather Wilson… Went there for dinner dance on our wedding day in 1980 .so it was open then x


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