Fads Homecare Centre Queens Road Hastings – Fire 1978

Fads Ad 1981

Andy Clarke… I lived 3 doors away from that

Merv Kennard… I seem to remember Pete Prescott was concerned about his home brew as he lived in a flat above the shop.

Andy Clarke… I don’t think there was a flat above fads. Next door was the COOP funeral parlour where my mum and dads friend lived and worked. Next door to that was our neighbours and then us. The buildings were owned by coop and had tied accommodation above. My dad and our neighbour worked in coop furnishing down queens parade.

Pete Prescott…That’s right. Its true about the flat. Next door to Fads was the Co Op menswear Dept run by my father in law Mick Lewsley (lovely man.He got us the flat) We had the flat above that. I was only a few door away from Fads. When I got there the first thing I saw was a few firemen laid on the pavement overcome by fumes. The road was closed. it was chaos ! I wasn’t allowed in. There was also a flat above the menswear Dept (it was a double sized shop) they were ok. Both our flat’s smelt of smoke for weeks. It took a while to clear. I Cleary remember a postman stepped over the barriers the fireman had erected and still posted the mail as if nothing was happening ! He seemed oblivious to all that was happening ! He walked through it all delivering the mail and stepped over the next set of barriers as if nothing had happened !

Andy Clarke… Pete, you must’ve been in 199a then? Front door was on Queens Rd? We was in 200a and door was at the back with steps going up by the side of St. Andrews market. It was also the same way up to get to 201a. 202a was above the funeral directors and door was between them and fads. We moved into 200a in 1970 and my parents were still there till 1997ish. If I remember right in 199a the bath was in the kitchen when I first went in there.

Pete Prescott… That’s right. 199a. I wonder if the bath is still in the kitchen !

Nadia Compagnone… I worked in Sussex Stationers in Queens Road when this happened. I remember a really nice chap who used to work in Fads. Queens Road had so many lovely shops and people who worked in them at that time.

Madeline Reade… Joanne, this was after Fine Fare.

Andy Clarke… I remember it well. We lived 3 doors up from there.

Andy Caine – Jim Jim & The Jims rehearsal & Crypt gig 1979


photo by Pete Prescott

Peter James Shaw…Looks like a Jim Jims rehearsal….! My sparse rehearsal kit!

Terry Pack….Upstairs at Ray’s?

Pete Prescott….  I took this. Andy played on two songs of written. He played great. This was at Andy Qunta’ s house.

Martyn Baker… Monsieur A. Cunningham. Pretty much the best singer/guitarist I have ever had the pleasure of working with.

Janine Anne Scott… Happy Days xx. We used to strum along at Duncan Dray’s house xx


Robbie Coltrane R.I.P.

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John Wilde… Sad news. Thank you Robbie for everything!

Alan Esdaile… He was wonderful in Cracker. Very sad news.

Caz Simpson… Cracker was my absolute must watch, a brilliant actor who will be sadly missed.

Kate Recknell-Page… Another great actor gone to the big stage in the sky RIP

Linda Holter… Loved him in Cracker and loved his voice. Sad news. x

Iris Feighan… Very sad news

Paul Cullen… R.I.P. Robbie. A great loss

Claire Melhuish-Durkin… Great in National Treasure. RIP.

Mick O’Dowd… Sad loss of a great actor. R.I.P Cracker!

Sandra Francis… Yes indeed. Sadness

Marilyn Spence… Sad to hear Loved him in everything he portrayed RIP Robbie


The Lord Nelson Old Town Hastings and baths wash houses in background

Heather Sidery… Love this!

Brigitte Lee… Any idea of the year?

Alan Esdaile… not sure Brigitte, perhaps someone else can help?

Keith Veness… Remember the bath and wash house

Jacqueline Marsh… My grandad had the Duke of Wellington opposite the wash house behind the old Hastings Wall. He was Bill Shirley

Lynda Whatley… Jacqueline, back in the day I believe it was known as The Silver Dollar locally when gran and grandad ran it .

Pauline Lindsay… Jacqueline, later it was called The Duke of Cornwall.

Cyndy Hogbin… Grandad and grandma, and my mom and dad, all landlords at the Nelson, from about 1947. Grandma was the secretary for the lady licencee association. Henry and Dora Coates and Fred and Peggy Coates. When my mom died they where at the pub, thats when dad met my other mom Barbara.l was 2 then so that was 1952, we had the Queens coronation there.

Lyn Farkley Appleyard… Just imagine having wash and bath houses today! Might become a thing with the looming economic situation!

Dennis Torrance… I reckon before they demolished the houses in old town before they put in the road we have now before 1959

Alan Esdaile… Dennis, I was thinking early 50’s but maybe wrong?

Dennis Torrance… it could be early 50s have you looked to the left of photo a gap between the back of Lord nelson pub it looks to me before they knocked down the houses to put the road there

David Daish… I lived in the flats next to it in the 80s and my parents were great friends with Tony and Tracy Shipley . Dad used to fall asleep in the bar often after a drink and was a moody so n so if he got woken up . So Tony kept a long stick behind the bar specifically to prod dad from a safe distance 😄 . Some fantastic characters back then . I miss that time down there .

David Kent… Hard to tell whether or not they are Horatio’s clothes. Looking closely at the sleeves.

David Martin… I remember going in there with my mum the fella that ran it was Jack Clasper