do you remember using a credit card machine like this?

photo source: unknown

Mick O’Dowd… Yes!

Mike Waghorne… Yes ! Must have been back in the mid 70’s ?

Karen Sweatman… Yes, memories!

Matt Thomas… yes, first time I used it was in Masons shop using Visa or Access

Merv Kennard… 4 or 5 years ago whilst at the till in Wyevale garden centre, there was a power cut. The manager had to show the lad on the till how to use it.

Bookham Ally… We have two in the office for when we get power cuts. Very handy especially with Putin doing his thing.

Marilyn Spence… Yes using a bankcard here in Australia

Dave Nattress… Yes far too often was in debt for years!!

Paul Coleman… Yes. In the 80’s when I had a gym. Couldn’t have done the business without it. I miss the place. Great Times.

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