Orion Cinema 1974 – Frank Zappa 200 Motels & The Beatles Let It Be. 16th October 1974

orion 1974zappalet it be

Phil Gill… Well, I saw the Woody Allen pic and Let It Be there. Might have seen Zappa too, but it was a while ago…

Alan Esdaile… Woody Allen was very funny.

Will Cornell… And Clint Eastwood. Don’t forget Clint Eastwood. Cuz if you do, he’ll come back over and, as he told that punk in “Grand Torino” , “It’s gonna get f**kin’ ugly!” By the way, what does the “(x)” or “(U)” mean after the show times? Is this your rating system like our GMRX (now GP, PG13, R, N17)?

Phil Gill… Before we had the 12, 15 and 18 ratings that we have now, films were classified as U (universal, anyone was admitted), A (accompanied, under 18s admitted with an adult) and X (over 18 only). Most people decided they were aged 18 from their 15th birthday. And the Orion wasn’t fussy who they admitted in any case, as long as you lowered your voice and said you were 18. They just wanted bums on seats.

Jim Hobbs… 200 Motels / Let It Be – First date with my then future wife – the films where amazing too!

John Wilde… Wednesday afternoon Hammer House special. Dodging Art history class at the Brassey Art Institute, Claremont.

Mark Randall..   was refused entry to AA ‘That’ll Be The Day’ starring David ‘ello darlin’, alrigh’?’ Essex at the Ritz in Tonbridge . My elder brothers were admitted …….

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