Leisure Music Silverhill photo 1973

Supplied by Roy Penfold via Leigh Kennedy Silverhill remembered 


Roy Winchester… I remember it well

Harry Randall… Spent many hours in that shop! And a lifetime rehearsing in “The Box” out the back!

Andy Qunta… I remember it well!

Pete Fisher… bought my first amp there, a Vox AC15..

Supplied by Barry French

John Winch… Just seen the old picture of Leisure Music, up at Silverhill. A few weeks ago I found amongst my music gear an H&H mixer amp with a ‘Leisure music’ sticker on the back – i have carted it about for years, and now it’s dusted down and cleaned up. Don’t know when I got it or how long I’ve had it, but used it on a gig a few weeks back as PA. I’d forgotten how good they sound and personally think it’s better sounding than some of my newer stuff – fuller, rounder, fat sound than a lot of the tinny ‘digi’ stuff that is on offer today. I used H&H for some years in the seventies in the ‘Standard’ Sunday morning gigs. Talking ‘Standard’. Remember landlord John (gone fishing) and Landlady (forgotten her name). One evening she was sitting at the bar in her full wedding dress and totally Piss– off because it was their wedding anniversary and, John had forgotten and really gone fishing with Obi and crew. Not a happy bunny that evening.

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